Baffled Water Tanks From Enduramaxx – Frequently Asked Questions (Part II)


Baffled water tanks come in an extensive variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, and are perfect for transporting liquids of all types. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for selecting the right tank for the water treatment application. 

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1) Do You Make A Tank Designed For Drinking Water?

Yes. Enduramaxx offer a wide variety of drinking water tanks. We offer a catalogue of above ground and underground tanks, as well as bespoke tanks. Our water tanks are manufactured from polyethylene and are constructed to be entirely seam-free, reducing the risk of ingress by algal spores and microbes.  

2) Are There Any Water Tank Safety Considerations I Need To Take Into Account?

The design, materials, and maintenance of drinking water tanks are all important. Tanks need to be completely opaque, seam-free, and UV treated. To keep a water tank safe from contamination, both bleach and chlorine, in safe dilutions, are required as part of basic water safety. 

3) What Are The Water Tank Outlet Sizes?

Enduramaxx provides water tanks with outlets that range from 0.5” to 2” bsp fittings. We also offer bespoke water tanks with outlets that can be designed to respond to customer requirements. 

4) Are Water Tanks Safe To Transport When Filled?

In-use water tanks are safe to transport and reposition in a new location as long as they are designed, positioned, and filled correctly. Baffles must be used to prevent the water surging, and the material needs to be tough enough to withstand the forces of moving water. Equally, the weight tolerance of the transportation vehicle needs to be considered (see below). 

5) How Can I Calculate The Weight Of A Baffled Water Tank?

The calculation is refreshingly straightforward. 100 litres of mains water or untreated rainwater weigh approximately 100 kg, so the smallest baffled water tank – 400 litres – will add 400 kg of weight to the vehicle. For accurate weight calculations, also consider the weight of the tank itself. Depending upon the material chosen for the baffles, the tank itself may add significant weight. Process water and wastewater may weigh more due to the presence of soluble particles.

6) Do Baffled Water Tanks Leak?

If you have a high-quality outlet, then no. Nickel-plated brass is the material of choice for the outlet, as it has excellent welding potential. The weld is strong, the coating rust-proof, and the durability exceptional. Despite its excellent track record at preventing leaks, nickel is not suitable for all applications because it will be slowly dissolved by acids.

7) Which Other Materials Are Available For Baffled Water Tanks?

Another choice of outlet material is Medium-Density Polyethylene (MDPE). MDPE is entirely inert, tough, and durable. As MDPE requires specialised fusion welding techniques, it is more expensive to manufacture than nickel-plated outlets.

8) Is It Possible To Modify A Baffled Water Tank? 

It is possible to add additional outlets, or to move the position of outlets. For very specific requirements, it is often easier to opt for a bespoke solution. We offer a wide range of water tank configurations, so in most cases you’ll be able to select a suitable tank without having to make modifications. Please get in touch if you need help choosing the right model.

9) Do I Need A Pump In My Baffled Water Tank?

Normally, yes. Tanks that are part of a treatment plant need a pump to move water around the system, and even standalone storage tanks benefit from a pump to prevent the water becoming stagnant. Some tanks may require a booster pump depending upon the application. Baffled water pumps also require a controller, battery, or power source. 

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