Launch of Enduramaxx

Enduramaxx is proud to announce the launch of Endurachem, the Registered Trading Name of their Chemical Tanks Division.

Enduramaxx is targeted at not only the Chemical Industry but also those industries involved in water treatment, the food and brewing industries and general manufacturing where the storage, mixing or clarification of liquids is part of the industrial process.

By establishing Endurachem as another division of Enduramaxx and separating it from Enduratank allows us to concentrate on specific sectors and simplify the cataloguing and search criteria for our customers. Whilst Endurachem will predominantly be of interest to the industrial sector.

Of course, there will always be a certain amount of cross over between the Divisions and each Division will list a small selection of products from each other. All three of our Trading Divisions, Enduratank, Enduraspray and Endurachem will support each other and will continue to be based at our manufacturing plant in Baston, Lincolnshire, the headquarters of Enduramaxx Ltd.

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