30,000 Litre Water Tank: FAQ’s, Frequently Asked Questions

30,000-litre water tank – FAQ’s – frequently asked questions on why buy an Enduramaxx 30,000-litre water tank (6600 gallons) 30m3.   This tank is a popular tank for potable drinking water and rainwater harvesting – for construction, industrial and agricultural water storage.  Following is a list of frequently asked questions these tanks.

How big is a 30,000 Litre Water Tank?

This 30000-litre tall water tank has a diameter of 3.45m, and a total height of 3.6m with 4 flat areas around the top of the tank to mount inlets and overflows too.

What is the price of a 30,000 Litre rainwater tank?

A 30,000-litre rainwater water tank is £3,650+ vat which includes a 2” outlet and tap. View these online here

What size lid is on these 30,000 Litre Water Tanks?

As standard these tanks have a 620mm dia plastic screw lid.  For potable water, these tanks have a non-vented to prevent the ingress of dust and insects, whereas a rainwater or sprayer tank has a vented lid.

How much is a 30,000 Litre potable water tank?

A 30,000-litre potable water tank is 3,680 + vat which includes a 2” outlet and tap. A byelaw 30 kit (byelaw 60 kits or Scotland) helps to meet the requirements of WRAS for potable drinking water. View these online here

Is it possible to get a rainwater filter for the 30,000 Litre water tank?

Rainwater harvesting filters are available for these tanks, these rainwater harvesting filters prevent the leaves and moss from entering the tank and save a build-up of sediment in the tanks.  These rainwater filters have 2 inlets for incoming water which are 4?  and 6?  450m2 and 800m2 roof area filters.

How is a 30,000 Litre tank delivered?

The 30000-litre water tank is generally delivered on a small truck or an artic, a bin size lorry as standard or larger.  If you require a smaller vehicle, specific day or time for delivery, please contact us to discuss.

Is it possible to get larger outlets?

Yes lager BSP outlets and flanged connections are available, see more details here or contact us to discuss

Can I be fluid category 5 compliant?

Fluid category 5 fluids representing a serious health hazard because of the concentration of pathogenic organisms, radioactive or very toxic substances, including any fluid which contains– (a) faecal material or other human waste; / (b) butchery or other animal waste; or / (c) pathogens from any other source.  Our fluid category 5 break tank for potable and non-potable water are all fully DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. For cold water storage cisterns and design recommendations for mains supply inlets. Download your copy here.

Can I get a FORS or Hiab offload?

Yes a FORs and hiab offload is available upon request, please contact us to discuss

What base do 30,000 Litre tanks need to sit on?

It is very important that tanks are installed on a surface that is smooth, level, firm and supports the tank completely.  A reinforced concrete base is the best solution and be sure to secure tanks and stands   We recommend that your tank base is a minimum of 600mm (24”) larger than the dimensions of the tank and has a minimum depth of:

  • 102mm (4”) for tanks up to 2,500 litres
  • 152mm (6”) for tanks 4,000 litres to 10,000 litres
  • 204mm (8”) for tanks over 10,000 litres

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