For many agricultural businesses, the question is should I switch to liquid fertiliser?

In terms of application and effectiveness, technically and economically, liquid fertiliser has several advantages. We have listed the 10 most important advantages for you here:

1: Liquid fertiliser offers price advantages – economic advantages with liquid fertiliser usually results from the price advantage due to its simple storage.

2: High area coverage with liquid fertilizer – application with the field sprayer enables a high area coverage and improved work efficiency in operation can be achieved quickly and precisely.

3: Easy transport of liquid fertilisers – transport, handling and storage of liquid fertilisers is quick and uncomplicated and buy owning the storage tanks makes you flexible in your procurement buying fertilisers out of season when the price is lower.

4: Efficient nutrient supply through liquid fertilizer By absorbing the liquid fertilizer via leaves and roots, efficient nutrient supply is guaranteed even in dry weather making better use of the fertilizer and the plants absorb the nutrients quickly.

5: Reduction of nitrate leaching through targeted application in the growing season reduce nitrate leaching.

6: Combine liquid fertilizer with pesticides In some cases, liquid fertilizer can be mixed with pesticides (note the manufacturer’s instructions!). The combined application with pesticides saves time increases the effectiveness at peak times.

7: Reduced drift The drop evaporation and drift of active ingredients can be greatly reduced.

8: Better effect of the crop protection agents through the combined application with liquid fertilizer improves the active ingredient uptake of the herbicides.