Benefits of Linking Water Tanks: Flexibility, Water Security, Cost Savings

Benefits of linking water tanks – storing rainwater harvestable water from the roof of your house, barn or commercial building requires storage capabilities.  Water requirements can change and often persons whether they replace the tank or continue with smaller tanks.

There are advantages with installing water tanks as smaller tanks and interlinking with a link kit giving the advantages of flexibility, water security and better use of space.

Linking Water Tanks Provides Flexibility

Linking water tanks makes it easier to add or remove tanks based on water usage needs.  With rainwater harvesting this can be dictated by the existing gutters on buildings and rainwater filters, often water pipework can be diverted relatively easily and can be less expressive to add tanks rather than replace a tank for a new larger one.

Cost Savings on Multiple Tank Purchases

Purchasing two or more tanks can often save you money as a benefit of purchasing several tanks together can be the cost-saving of the tanks.  Purchasing popular stock items means that they can be produced quicker or from stock or available from dealers. Added savings from producing tanks in a run and carriages savings can be passed on as often it costs the same to deliver one tank as to deliver 2 or 3 tanks of the same sizes to the same location

Interlinked Tanks Reduces Risk from Failure or Contamination

Linking water tanks together for rainwater harvesting can reduce the risk of tank failure or contamination.  Isolation valves between each tank mean that should there be a failure or other issue the other tanks can be isolated saving water from being lost.  Often larger tanks are delivered to customer order so there could be a Leadtime for delivery, especially to remote areas.

Balancing the water storage between water tanks means that splitting the total volume of the tanks can act as a supply between two or more tanks can ack as a backup should it be required,

More Efficient Space Use

The interlinking of tanks can use space more efficiently and can be more ascetically pleasing in domestic installations – making them easier to hide.  Smaller tanks can fit into smaller areas such as behind wall, narrow passage, or cupboards rather than the larger areas required for larger tanks making better use of space.

Multiple Tank Installation

Installation of multiple lined tanks can be a bit more work, more tank connections, flexibility, and benefits including safeguarding your water supply.  For installations connecting to mains water for automatic mains top-up, can come under the requirements of fluid category 5 for backflow prevention – which more details on these tanks can be found here.

To discuss your next rainwater project and the benefits of linking water tanks please get in touch today.

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