Boreholes, Springs And Rainwater Tanks To Tackle Rising Water Costs

Again, we read about the importance of water in dairy farming in this week’s Farmers Guardian. Katie Jones writes that water costs are being controlled on one farm in Devon through utilising spring water on the unit. Located just North of Plymouth, despite farming in an area home to the longest stretch of coastline and with seemingly high levels of rainfall, the South of England still has some of the most expensive water costs in the country.

The farm is now pumping natural water from a number of springs to supply two farms that were previously on a mains water supply. In the past the farm had dug a borehole and although they have considered reinstating it, high iron and metal contamination means that it was not feasible.

Many farms are equipped with large roof spaces and farmers not making the most of rainwater run-off from these large spaces are missing out on totally free water. And that’s where rainwater harvesting techniques really come into play. Enduramaxx helps farmers to make the most of rainwater run-off, channeling it into dedicated rainwater tanks, vertical storage tanks and horizontal tanks which store water in optimum conditions.

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