Buffer Storage Tanks For Data Centres: Up To 90,000 Litres Capacity

Buffer Storage Tanks for Data Centres – A buffer tank is a storage tank used on the cold user side of an air-conditioning system. The tank is used as storage to cover peak loads or in situations when a surge in demand exceeds the capacity of the cooling system. Chilled Water (CHW) systems are used to cool buildings indoor air and equipment and becoming common in commercial applications such as large data centres and server rooms.

With computer technology progressions, electronic densities have increased drastically, increasing the requirements for cooling to optimise system performance. With energy prices rising sharply has necessitated designers of data centres which are increasing to look at where energy efficiencies can be found. Technology is now available to data centres making use of heat exchangers to remove the risk of water meeting sensitive electronics making water cooling a viable option. Buffer tanks form a key component in chilled water systems often being used to provide additional volume in closed water systems. This extra capacity of water can reduce cycling of compressor units, in turn improving temperature control and more consistent operation of the cooling system. A buffer tank can help smooth out loads and demands making the cooling system more robust and reliable giving longevity and reducing maintenance requirements.

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Large Plastic Water Tanks

Large plastic water tanks are used on many data centres cooling systems. One of the main advantages of these is the minimal installation and assembly costs required compared to traditional, sectional metal tanks. These tanks can be quickly installed and be ready for filling within a couple of hours of delivery. These tanks are a one-piece, rotationally moulded polyethene tank with no welds of seams. These tanks are generally available from stock for quick delivery.

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Customisation Of Buffer Storage Tanks

These plastic water tanks can be customised to your project requirements. BSP threaded inlets and outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges with backing rings, welded sockets and vents can be welded to the tank to match pipework on your system. Liquid level sensor assemblies, side access hatches for access to the tanks are available upon request.

Rotational Moulded Large Plastic Water Tanks

Enduramaxx Water Tanks head office is in Lincolnshire and can rotationally mould vessels from 50 litres up to 40,000 litres and tanks as large as 4000mm in diameter by 3900mm tall. For pricing and customisation requests for buffer storage tanks for data centres please contact our sales team or email sales@enduramaxx.co.uk.

View a short video of a rotational moulding oven in action below.


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