Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks, How They Improve Productivity

Bulk chemical storage tanks are more than a container for large volumes of chemicals or acids. It is a complete liquid storage system designed to make your organization’s production or wastewater facility more efficient and cost-effective. Bulk storage tanks allow organizations to buy material in bulk and receive significantly larger shipments to meet their production requirements and cost-saving for volume purchasing.

Let us look at some of the benefits that these chemical storage tanks (or a chemical storage farm) can provide to your organization.

1. Environmentally Responsible

Most wastewater treatment plants and companies that are treating the wastewater they produce often store chemical like ferric chloride, hydrochloric acid, lime and sodium hydroxide. Companies traditionally have purchased and stored these chemicals in 1,000-litre IBC’s which takes time to manage, transport, move throughout a facility, and ultimately dispose of. This way of storing chemicals can be incredibly inefficient, time-consuming, and costly for a company.

Companies working with these chemicals must ensure the environment in which the equipment and functions are carried out a focus of their operations as well as a safe environment for their workers. Bulk chemical storage tanks are a great way to do just that, as they can be customized to hold up to 30,000 litres (6,6000 gallons) of material dramatically reducing the requirement for companies to order and handle gallon drums, totes and IBC’s.

More details on HSE requirements on bunded of chemical tanks here

2. Safer for Workers

As well as protecting workers from potentially hazardous drums and IBC’s, bulk chemical storage tanks also remove the need for workers to handle the material on a frequent basis. With the ability to store the chemical and the associated pumps and dosing requirement which are available, workers can focus their efforts elsewhere.

Bulk chemical storage tanks are designed and customised specifically for the facility in which they are sited, and the chemical being sorted. If you have the need for a 20,000 litre (5,000 gallons) tank, but do not have enough height in the location you chose to sight the tank, smaller storage tanks can be set up and interlinked to provide the same amount of storage.  Manways, flanges, pipework and access to the lid or mixer for inspection are available.

3. Bulk Tanks Lower Costs

Bulk chemical storage tanks allow you to order more liquid generally meaning better pricing. Tanks can be sited internal or externally in your factory or facility to receive shipments from tankers.  Bulk storage tanks also reduce the labour costs associated with handling material throughout the production facility.

4. Customisable to Demands from Production

In addition to storage savings, companies can create an equipment production chain to manage the flow of material from the storage tank to the end application. Mixing systems, are also used to mix product to ensure material produced and stored as required.

Enduramaxx Bulk Chemical Storage Tank Solutions

The extent of the resistance to corrosion of both Polyethylene and Polypropylene is often surprising to those who have historically used stainless steel or GRP. The ability to withstand chemical effects on all surfaces, without the limit of fill cycles or chemical reaction, can make rotationally moulded an ideal material for chemical storage tank manufacture.

Some plastic chemical tanks require bunding to ensure legislative compliance so a range of bunded tanks, double-walled tanks or often called double confinement chemical storage tanks are available. These tanks offer the storage capacity with a liquid confinement space which can contain 110% of the volume of the inner tank. More details on the bunded chemical tanks are available here.

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