Choosing the Right Chemical Tank

Choosing the Right Chemical Tank, a chemical storage tank is a small portion of the cost of your multi-thousand-pound wastewater treatment plant. Choosing the right chemical tank can make it much easier to decide the best options to go with.

The correct tank for the chemical being stored:

Plant operations always run smoother when you have the correct storage tank for your specific chemical application.  Some wastewater plants try to purchase the same type of tank for all of the chemicals they store which makes purchasing simpler, and sometimes more economical, but can create problems down the road. At Enduramaxx we always start with the chemical in mind as its properties will determine what kind of storage system you’ll need.

Installation of the tanks:

Replace a chemical storage tank can be high and many water treatment plants are built inside a building and the doors smaller than the tanks in the buildings.  In this case, the old tanks are cut up and putting new tanks is impossible with removing the roof of the building.  When you purchase your chemical storage tank consider what kind of installation your site will allow.

The custom tank manufacturer:

We work with every customer to get all the information upfront so that you get the right product the first time.  We work with you on the aspects regarding storage tanks and walk you through aspects of your project.  During the process, we get a detailed understanding of your needs and cover details including:

  • The capacity of the tanks required
  • Signed off drawings of the tank design
  • Chemical being stored and the fittings required

Custom Solutions – We provide a number of tank options and accessories that will help make your chemical storage system selection go smoothly. Our polyethene tanks, polypropylene and cross-link tanks provide the right kind of solutions to fit your needs.  Our industrial tanks are available with options including industrial mixers, liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes.  Custom fitting of inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents helps us to meet our goal to ensure you have the right tank for the right chemical.

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