Conical Tanks for Microalgae Cultivation, Photobioreactors & Settlement

Conical Tanks for Microalgae Cultivation, Photobioreactors & Settlement Conical Tanks for microalgae cultivation are used in laboratories for growing algae.  The smaller, steep-sided cone tanks are used for the mass cultivation of microalgae. Larger tanks can be used as photobioreactor tanks for microalgae-based settlement and treatment systems.

Algae has many uses, and here we run over a few of its uses.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Microalgae can be used in closed systems for the removal of heavy metals and solutions from wastewater. This process relies on phototrophic microorganisms to supply oxygen to pollutant degrades. Enhancing the removal of nutrients and pathogens through this process, higher biomass growth rates through biosorption are achievable.   Biosorption is widely used as an aqueous media for a cost-effective alternative to conventional remediation.

Feedstock for Biomass Biofuels From Microalgae

Biomass has uses as an energy input feedstock for biofuel production. Biomass production uses ion nutrients, and ratios from wastewater and organic matter have micro-and macronutrients.

Pharmaceutical supplements

The fatty acid content in algae makes it a bioactive compound used to make targeted drugs.  Antimicrobial, antivirals, therapeutic proteins, antifungals use it’s antioxidant and antiviral properties and is seen as a source of Omega 3 & 6.

Conical Tanks for Microalgae Photobioreactors

Conical tanks are used as closed photobioreactors for cultivating algae. As with all tank farms, there are high setup costs with storage tanks, complex equipment and light requirements. Enduramaxx can help provide customised tank options to suit your project.   Fittings, flanges, pipework, and outlets can be factory before leaving our factory.

Conical Tanks for Microalgae Water Treatment

Conical tanks in microalgae include treatment or settlement tank with the stepper cone tanks used for cultivating. Shallow cone tanks are more effective for water treatment, treated wastewater and settlement applications.

View our range of open and closed top cone tanks here.

The Enduramaxx Cone Tank Advantage

For more details on the conical & vertical storage tanks for microalgae for water treatment applications, please call us on 01778 301522.

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