Crop Protection Fertiliser Mixers for the Agrochemical Industry

Crop protection fertiliser mixers for the agrochemical industry – when spring is in the air we get a lot of enquiries about mixers for the fertiliser, seed treatment and crop protection applications in the agrochemical sector.
Enduramaxx manufacture liquid fertiliser tanks, crop protection and liquid fertiliser mixing equipment from 250-litre conical tanks to larger 30,000-litre mixer tanks. Many users in the agricultural and chemical industry are looking for mixers to have the following qualities:
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Low shear mixing
  • Suitable vessel to move the settling fertiliser from the dead spots in the tank
  • To create a homogenous solution and help remix fertilizer solids back into suspension,

Due to the nature of most organic liquids, fertilizer mixers for the agrochemical industry find the organics have a tendency of separation and settling i.e, to come out of suspension. There are heavy-duty portable utility mixers for smaller open-top tanks as well as larger conical tanks at Enduramaxx. Our crop protection mixing configurations are designed and geared for these qualities when blending their polymers and silica or clay-based suspension:

  • Efficient and energy and labour saving solution
  • The ability to handle low to medium viscosity

Insects and parasites are a major threat to the agriculture industry, and protection is the utmost priority for many of our customers. Solutions to help mix the various liquids in multiple formulations in different vessels is essential. At Enduramaxx we address the following challenges when designing mixers for crop protection applications:

  • The ability to mix in low to the medium viscosity solution
  • The ability to keep the solution suspended
  • The ability to re-mix or re-suspend stored solutions quickly and be ready for use
  • Low maintenance mixers and easy to use

Each of the applications is treated individually based on the mixing vessel. environment and viscosity. Various configurations including flanges, pipework and baffles are determined by Enduramaxx’s application engineers to ensure the best performance, delivering a solution. 

For more details on crop protection fertiliser mixers for the agrochemical industry please get in touch.

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