Custom Colours For Chemical Storage Tanks

Custom Colours for Chemical Storage Tanks – the colour of your chemical tank can affect how the product in the tank.  A natural tank will let UV light through so if our storing a chemical that can break down in sunlight a black tank or opaque colour is recommended. Enduramaxx offers several colours on the website, and many are selected for ascetic reasons.  Black is opaque so will not let light through the tank wall, – best for outside water storage as it's WRAS approved and chemicals.

Natural is translucent so the level of the contents can be seen through the walls, this is an advantage for many applications such as liquid fertiliser storage or molasses. Other colours such as dark green and blue are available, blue is food safe and WRAS approved so often used in food and drink applications and for clean water storage.

Many of the customers required tanks in other customer colours for branding reasons.  Care should be taken that the colour of the material looked at does not affect what is being stored in the tank.

Benefits of Black Storage Tanks

There are many benefits of black tanks for the storage of water and light-sensitive chemicals.  UV light and heat gain for outside installations can degrade the chemical being stored.  Some customers are concerned with how much a black tank will heat up; however, polyethene is a poor conductor of heat and with larger tanks if will require a lot of energy to heat the contents up.   With the industrial-grade tanks, the thinker walls will help overcome this, however black polymer is the best UV rated tanks and will provide a tank with many years of use for outdoor installations.

For tank installations such as potable drinking water and chemical storage which can be affected by heat, we have the insulation options which we can apply to the tanks prior to the tank being despatched from our factory.  Insulated tanks can be a requirement by water boards for outside mains water tanks for livestock and human consumption.

If You Need A Custom Colour

Custom colours can work our expensive for smaller quantities of tanks, although we do offer several standard colours such as light green, dark green, yellow, red, and grey with a slightly extended lead time.  Often, we have a colour that may be a close match to the colour you require.

For questions about custom colours for chemical storage tanks, chemical suitability, pricing, and availability of polyethene tanks, contact a chemical storage tank expert at Enduramaxx today.

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