Customised Plastic Process Reaction Tanks for Reagent Mixing & Treatment

The plastic process reaction tank is used for reagent mixing is a critical part of the treatment process of water in many industries. Customised plastic process tanks are central to the system, and Enduramaxx can help you design a complete reagent, continuous stirred tank reactor or mixing system that will meet your needs.

Process Reaction Tank Applications

The ideal reagent and mixing system will depend upon the results you are aiming for and the batch size. Industries that use these plastic reaction tanks include;

  • Biopharma
  • Food, beverage mixing and dairy processors and mixers
  • Cosmetic mixing and systems
  • Beverage mixing and blending
  • Mixing systems used in the mining industry
  • Paints, pigments, inks and coatings
  • Water treatment

Continuous Stirred Reaction Tanks

The process of dissolution – the dissolving of a substance in a solvent to form a solution takes place in continuous stirred reaction tanks. The mixing method will depend on the situation, manufacturing, flow rate and chemical process for applications including;

Environmental engineering for wastewater treatments

  • Anaerobic digesters for bio-solids
  • Treatment in wetlands to deal with wastewater and runoff after storms
  • Lagoon systems (natural wastewater systems)
  • Activated sludge treatment

Chemical treatments

  • Production of biogas
  • Fermentation process
  • Loop reactor used in the production of pharmaceuticals

This article gives further details about continuous stirred tanks.

Plastic Process Reaction Tanks for Reagent Mixing & Treatment

These plastic process reaction tanks are available in flat or conical versions, with capacities from 50 litres up to 30,000-litre tanks. More details on these tanks are available below:

A range of other tanks are available for mixing and treatment processes including

Enduramaxx Plastic Process Reaction Tanks

Enduramaxx plastic process reaction tanks are ideal since the non-reactive material they are made from withstands tough usage for many years. We have a huge range to suit any circumstance, and we work closely with installers and water treatment companies customising flanges, pipework, mixers to ensure your system is perfected to your requirements.

High-density polyethene tanks make these tanks chemically resistant and resistant to corrosion. Plastic tanks are suitable for aggressive chemicals makes these tanks an ideal material for most batch reactors, process vessels or chemical reaction mixing tank systems.

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