Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting, rainwater harvesting is an effective and eco-friendly method of reducing water usage in your home. Switching to an eco-friendly rainwater harvesting system is neither complicated nor time-consuming and will result in a wide range of benefits for your home and lead to reduced water charges.

As with our commercial systems, domestic rainwater harvesting systems are available in two types of systems, direct and in-direct. With a direct system, the harvested water is pumped directly to the appliances. An in-direct system pumps the harvested water to a holding tank or header tank to be feed by gravity.

We have a wide range of tanks to suit any application either under-ground or over-ground tanks up to 30,000 litres. One-piece tanks or a series of small tanks to fit into areas with limited space we have a water tank that can suit your application. Harvested water can be used for appliances such as toilets, washing machines, showers, sinks, baths, and gardening.


Enduramaxx started in this market in the UK in 2008 with a range of rainwater harvesting tanks from 150 litres to 30,000 litres and have remained the leaders in the field. The domestic rainwater harvesting market includes rainwater systems for self-builds, new builds, renovations, eco developments and social housing with focus given to providing low maintenance residential rainwater systems to industrial buildings and Famers with this range of rotationally moulded water tanks and easy-to-clean filters.

Rainwater Harvesting for Self Builds

The Self-build market is an important one for rainwater harvesting and at Enduramaxx have supplied this market with many systems over the years. Budget can be a factor in deciding which system to go for, therefore we recommend potential builders and installers to contact us to discuss the different options open to them including ease of installation and long term implications around the maintenance of choosing a system on a budget.

Rainwater Harvesting for Eco Towns

When implementing rainwater harvesting for an Eco Town, or any large estate, it is vital to keep the energy costs as low as possible. Enduramaxx can supply rainwater tanks utilising the latest pump control technology to ensure that very little energy is used.  The carbon footprint of the system is often also considered, British-made water tanks have reduced carbon footprint due to fewer transport miles.

Reducing water runoff,  many tanks are used as rainwater attenuation tanks with the emphasis being put on protection against localised flooding. Rainwater tanks can be used to releasing water for roofs and surfaces at a controlled rate into the local area.  Above and below ground systems are available.

Social Housing, providing a reliable system is important for social housing, we manufacture a range of slimline water tank with AB air gap which has a mains water top-up for where water is required all year round.

For more details on Domestic Rainwater Harvesting – get in touch with Enduramaxx today for pricing and availability.

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