Enduramaxx's Rotational Moulding Process

Enduramaxxx’s rotational moulding process – from small boats to road cones, and many other products in between, rotational moulding is an efficient manufacturing process effective in the manufacturing of chemical and water storage tanks.

Rotational moulding involves a heated hollow mould that is filled with a shot weight of the polymer. The mould is then slowly rotated bi-rotationally causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould.  In order to maintain even thickness, the mould continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase and to avoid sagging or deformation.  The mould is bolted at the parting line and mounted in the oven, which is heated by natural gas burners. It is hydraulically rotated and as the plastic melts, it builds up layer after layer of polyethene.   The plastic takes the shape of the mould of the storage tanks, and once it has completely formed, the mould is removed from the oven, the tank then cools and reveals the final product. The whole process takes anywhere from 20 minutes to more than 3 hours depending on the size of the tank and wall thickness.

Click below to watch a short video of a rotational moulding oven in action.


Enduramaxx’s Rotational Moulding Process Capacity:

Enduramaxx rotationally moulded vessels in two locations located in the UK with its head office in Lincolnshire.  These rotational moulding ovens can manufacture vessels from 50 litres up to 40,000 litres and tanks as large as 4000mm in diameter by 3900mm tall. Custom sizes and shapes to fit your unique storage requirements are available as well from our bespoke tank fabrication section.

For additional information on rotational moulding or to discuss manufacturing a custom tank, please contact the sales team or email Sales@enduramaxx.co.uk.

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