Flash Mixing And Flocculation: Mixer Design For Flash Mixer

Flash Mixing and Flocculation in industrial wastewater treatment is a complex process in which wastewater is treated to be suitable to be released to the sewer.  It goes through several phases of mechanical and chemical changes starting with the process of flash mixing and flocculation by means of a fast mixer.

Flash mixing and flocculation are essential in the treatment of wastewater containing suspension particles, particles that are too small or light to be able to settle and to allow agglomeration in larger particles. Agitators in the mix tank are required at this stage as well as during the flocculation stage and the mixers we use to give an efficient mixing and thorough agitation of chemicals in the raw water before the flocculation chamber.  Our high-efficiency hydrofoil impellers creating a high flow rate as well as an effective mixing in the tank.

Flash Mixing In Water Treatment

The primary flash mixing stage determines the process as too short a retention time will result in not enough distribution of the chemicals in the liquid in the flocculation tank, whereas too long retention time will result in too much chemical being used,  We recommend the advice of a water treatment specialist to calculate the retention time based on the volume of liquid per hour from the system.

Flash Mixing in water treatment, at this stage rapid mixing, consists of adding chemicals to the effluent stream to create coagulation, is attracting particles which do not settle by using coagulants, such as ferric chloridePAC (poly aluminium chloride) or other chemicals such as aluminium sulphate.  These chemicals help the particles to agglomerate during the flocculation stage.

What is Flocculation in Water Treatment?

Flocculation occurs after the initial mixing stage which particles (flocs) gain size and settle in the sedimentation chamber as a result of a reaction with a polymer solution.  Agitators need to specified to ensure an effective flocculation process without damaging the flocs which are created in the tank.

Flocculation Agitator Design

Flocculation agitator design needs to result in an effective and homogeneous mixture to encourage flocs contact without damaging or breaking the newly formed flocs.  For more details on the Enduramaxx Flash Mixing and Flocculation, polymer makeup units and vessels please get in touch.

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