Fluid Category 5 Water Regulations For Agriculture

Fluid Category 5 Water Regulations For Agriculture have many implications for agriculture as it is considered high risk for mains water supply with many water tanks and cisterns required for livestock watering and for agricultural sprayers.  Livestock, dairy washdown and spray chemicals make it a necessity for fluid category 5 AB air tanks and insulated tanks for freshwater supplies.

What Is Category 5 (CAT 5) Water Supply?

What is Category 5 (CAT 5) Water Supply?  Fluid category 5 (CAT 5) is described as a fluid representing a serious health hazard because of the concentration of pathogenic organisms, radioactive or very toxic substances This includes any fluid which contains faecal material or other human waste, butchery or other animal waste, or pathogens from any other source.  If a water tank is receiving a water supply from a source other than a public supply (rainwater, borehole, spring, etc) a break tank is required.

Examples Of Fluid Category 5 Risks On Farm

Some examples of water supply systems and for the prevention and waste that come under category 5:

Equipment Fluid Category
Dairy/Milking Parlours


Cleaning/sterilising equipment

Pasteurising equipment

Milk cooling equipment

Udder washer





3 – 5


Power/Jet Washers


Permanently plumbed units

Portable/mobile units





Chemical Mixing


Crop spray/liquid fertiliser

Sheep dips





Irrigation Equipment


Fixed/permanently plumbed




Fire protection


Water storage for firefighting purposes






Drinking troughs/bowls/nipple feeds

Recycled water

Produce washeries/packing stations






Regulation 5 Notification

Regulation 5 under the current water regulation legislation requires any person proposing to install new water systems (Non-domestic premises and/or to alter or extend a plumbing system) in connection with any of the operations listed in the Regulations, must give prior notice of the planned work to the local water undertaker. Failure to comply with the Regulations may result in prosecution as it is a criminal offence if you fail to do so. More details on these requirements can be found here for the water boards;

Enduramaxx CAT 5 Water Tanks

When designing a new water system or altering an existing system the implications of incorrect mains water connections can be expensive with fines starting at £1,000.00, disconnection of water supply or even a court order. Our fluid category 5 break tank for potable and non-potable water is available from 300 litres to 30,000 litres and are all WRAS approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. WRAS Information and Guidance Note for cold water storage cisterns and design recommendations for mains supply inlets are available for download here.

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