Food Waste Storage Tanks For The Food Industry

Food Waste Sludge Storage Tanks are used to store drinks and food processing and washdown waste prior to collection by tanker or for onsite processing. Food and beverage manufacturers produce lots of wastes each day which needs storing suitability. Food wastes and sludge produced often have suspended solids in the waste which settles so using a conical tank offers a clear advantage of being able to empty and clean the tank.

Vertical & Conical Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks are sizes to the volume of waste produced per day/week to enable these to be used as a buffer to treatment and for collection purposes. Other purposes for these tanks are for treatment, blending and homogenization of highly concentrated primary, secondary or digested sludge with various solutions is used to mix the sludge itself based on the volume and type of sludge with the dosed thickening chemicals.

Enduramaxx 10m3 Conical Tanks for Yorkshire Bakery Wastewater Treatment

Meat & Poultry Abbatior Wastewater

Meat and poultry processing industries produce huge volumes of wastewater. This water is loaded with organic and inorganic material, including grit, faecal matter, pharmaceuticals, pathogens, and other substances. Meat and poultry wastewater requires significant treatment for safe discharge into the environment.

Due to the pollutant variability of this wastewater (depending on the number of animals and other factors) on-site wastewater management is recommended as the most effective treatment option.

Food Waste Storage Tanks

These tanks are available in a range of sizes up to 30,000 Litres and can be customised with welded fittings, flanges, pipework, and side access to entry to the tank.   Our food waste sludge storage tanks are constructed using corrosion-resistant, UV stabilised, high-density food grade polyethene and designed for the containment of liquids up to a Specific Gravity of 1.5. These tanks are available with dewatering to decant valves for wastewater and effluent stream draw off and mixers to keep the solids in the tank in suspension if required.  For more details on tanks and your next project – please get in touch.

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