Grants Available For Rainwater

Farmers Guardian brings us promising news for farming recently. £19 million is being made available to rural businesses in England under the Farming and Improvement Scheme (FFIS), as revealed by Owen Paterson, the Defra Secretary. The FFIS is a key part of England’s current rural development programme and provides grants designed to boost competitiveness of rural farming and forestry businesses.

The key aspects of the scheme focus around five themes being; animal health and welfare, energy efficiency, nutrient management, water resource management and forestry and the additional £19 million will help around 2500 small businesses and support some 5000 jobs across England.
Examples of items that fall into the five FFIS categories include; cluster flush, livestock handling facilities, automated footbaths, automatic shedding gates, heat detection systems, heat recovery systems, automated variable speed controllers for water and vacuum pumps, slurry separators, slurry injectors, dribble bars, trailing shoes, forestry grabs, wood chippers and something in which Enduramaxx specialises in, rainwater harvesting.

Our range of rainwater tanks, horizontal and vertical storage tanks and plastic water tanks enables us to provide a very tailored rainwater harvesting solution to any farming and rural environment. Our plastic water tanks are very rugged, rotationally-moulded from one piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene. This means that they are very strong and keep collected rainwater in optimum condition until required, whether it be for watering, cleaning or livestock.

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