10 Steps You Should Follow To Ensure Safe Chemical Storage

Sometimes it is necessary to store hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This should be done with extreme care as storing chemicals improperly can be highly dangerous. Leaks and spillages can have serious consequences, including illness, injury and even death.

In order to protect yourself and your employees, make sure you follow these ten steps for the safe storage of chemicals.

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1. Correct Labelling

You should make sure that all chemical containers are correctly labelled. As well as clearly showing the name of the chemical, labels should include the name of the business or business owner and the date the chemical was received.

2. Read The Safety Information

All chemicals come with safety information and you should always read this carefully. Be sure to only use the type of chemical storage tanks that the instructions specify.

3. Ventilation

Make sure that you provide adequate ventilation that follows the recommendations of the supplier. This ensures that employees are not exposed to dangerous fumes.

4. Create A Storage Area

You should keep your chemical storage tanks in a separate area with plenty of space around the containers.

5. Reduce Exposure

You should keep your chemicals protected from the elements as much as possible. Try to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat, cold, or sources of ignition.

6. Keep Tanks Clean

You should clean your storage tanks regularly and make sure the surrounding area is tidy. This will prevent wear and tear and accidental damage.

7. Separate Incompatible Chemicals

Certain types of chemicals react to one another, and so must be kept separate. Take special care to keep these chemicals far apart from each other, and be sure they don’t cross paths when being moved.

8. Stay Up To Date With Safety Guidelines

The HSE updates its advice for storing chemicals on a regular basis. Make a point of keeping up with the latest recommendations so that you don’t miss anything important.

9. Check Tanks Regularly

The more you check your plastic chemical storage tanks, the quicker you can flag up any leaks and spillages. Introduce a regular schedule for inspections in order to spot hazards as soon as possible.

10. Provide Training

All staff and workers should be given full training on the correct way to store and handle chemicals. This should be updated every time you hire a new employee, and every time a new chemical arrives on site.

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