Industrial Water Processing & Treatment Tanks

Industrial Water Processing & Treatment Tanks are required in many major industries as there is a drive cut water use, and costs through water reuse and using water more efficiently. The rising costs of water disposal have driven a lot of improvements and with dirty water often containing 90-95% water, there are a lot of savings which can be achieved not only by cleaning this water and reusing but on the 5-10 sludge content which does require disposal through dewatering.

Water processing tanks and wastewater treatment plant play a big part in this process in order to reduce operating costs. Industrial water treatment systems require process and water tanks for collecting, treating, water purification and recycling the water used in large-scale processes can enable water that has been used to be reused for washing, cleaning, dust suppression, irrigation, as well as for toilets and blade cooling int eh stone cutting industries.

Wastewater treatments used in industrial processes

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Water Recycling Units
  • Ceramic Filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • UV Light & disinfection

Wastewater treatment stages

  • Collection & storage
  • Screening and Straining
  • Chemicals for Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Sedimentation and Clarification
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Storage for reuse or disposal
  • Distribution either through the processes of collection for disposal

Industries With Potential For Savings Through Reuse

  • Potato & Vegetable Processing requires water mainly for washing the product before packaging. A lot of this waster contains fine silt and sand which needs treatment and settling before reuse or disposal.
  • Fruit Farming – a collection of water from rainwater and from boreholes for irrigation. Also, in this industry water can be used for washing fruit and through dosing and disinfection.
  • Chicken Farming and Abattoirs use large amounts of water which can often be treated through aeration processes. Water from the borehole, mains water and rainwater harvesting can be collected and treated to be used for these applications as well as being treated for reuse.
  • Textile industries are one of the largest generators of wastewater through colouring and finishing processes. The effluents such as dyes, dispersants, levelling agents need treating as biodegradable and non-biodegradable chemicals.
  • Laundries require a great deal of water for effective operation and three are great opportunities to recover and reuse water.
  • Food and drinks manufacturing uses vast amounts of water, sometimes to produce a litre of drink up to 100 litres of water can be used through different processes. Water for these industries needs to be safe for consumption through disinfection and treatment to make it suitable to be used in the food and drinks produced.

Industrial Water Processing & Treatment Tanks

Throughout the processes, from the installation of holding tanks, through to the preliminary treatment of wastewater in which separation of solids and large particles, coagulation-flocculation, and sedimentation in which the colloidal particles in the wastewater are grouped into larger particles called flocs, storage tanks and mixer tanks are required for the wastewater and the chemical used to treat it.

The ranges of tanks we manufacture for use in processes:

Enduramaxx Water Processing & Treatment Tanks

Although Enduramaxx does not get install Industrial Water Processing & Treatment Tanks, we work closely with installers and water treatment companies customising with flanges, pipework, mixers, and bunds. From 50-litre dosing tanks to 30,000-litre sludge tanks, we are sure we can help with your next project. For more details on these please get in touch today.

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