Livestock Water Bowsers: For Farms and Smallholders

Livestock Water Bowsers, every livestock farmer knows that his animals require a continuous supply of fresh clean water and that the demands upon this supply vary with seasonal conditions, breed type, water quality and type of feed.

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For example under certain conditions during a hot summer individual animal consumption can rise more than ten times that of the winter. Stock watering in remote locations or those areas without either mains water or natural resources have always proved a challenge and can be best solved using water bowsers either left on site or used to supply existing troughs.

The average daily consumption by individual animals is shown below:

Animal Adult Lactating female
Sheep 4 litres per day 10 litres per day
Cattle 80 litres per day 100 litres per day
Horse 50 litres per day 80 litres per day
More details on the Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock for Cattle are available online here


Livestock Water Bowsers Types

Livestock watering on-farm or in areas without either mains water can be a challenge and these livestock water bowsers provide a supply of fresh clean water for cattle, sheep, deer, and horses. They are all mounted on welded chassis ensures that it is strong enough for rough terrain and with high flotation tyes for ground clearance. The popular 400-litre water bowser is mounted onto a galvanised chassis with an outlet hose emptying water for livestock troughs.  The livestock bowsers can be towed by an ATV quad bike, compact tractor, with a choice of towing eyes/hitches, and fitted with the rear stabilising stands to keep the trailer stable whilst the self-filling trough refills as the livestock drinks. It is important to remember when choosing a location for your trough or browser to locate it under the shade where possible as many breeds will avoid warm water often to their detriment.

These bowsers are available in various styles with and without a trough depending on the requirements, we look at some options below:

  • Livestock Water Trailer – site tow trailer chassis with mounted trough here
  • Road Legal Animal Drinking Trailer – baffled tanks mounted on a full road legal chassis – 500 – 2000 litres here
  • ATV Water Trailer – 300 & 400-litre water bowsers for filling troughs here
  • ATV Animal Drinking Water Carrier –  300 & 400-litre bowsers fitted with trough here

Skid-mounted tanks are available from 200 litres to 10,000 litres for persons looking to utilise existing trailers.

Rainwater Harvesting For Livestock

Where an individual farmer’s supply of stock water is sourced is also an important factor to consider as a 2008 ADAS report clearly illustrates. ADAS (the UK’s largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy) reports, quoted by the Environment Agency, stated that the average dairy farmer in 2008 paid between £31 to £100 per annum, per cow just on water costs alone. This per head water cost can be reduced by 20% by using a rainwater harvesting system.

Enduramaxx are specialists in the production and supply of rainwater harvesting systems and filters and are the only UK company to manufacture a 30,000-litre rainwater harvesting tank. Do the sums! Can you afford not to consider the benefits of harvesting our most precious resource? For more information – please get in touch on 01778 562810.

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