Not All Farms Have Fields, What Are Tank Farms?

Not all farms have fields… what are tank farms – Tank farms are a collection of tanks designed to safely store, raw products, maturing products (brewery) and finished product for distribution. These are generally above ground storage tanks, include vertical tank, horizontal and conical tanks. Every tank farm will have a list of the chemicals stored on-site and a corresponding material safety data sheet (MSDS) for all products stored.

Beer & Cider Brewery Tank Farms

For cider or beer storage, these conical tanks can be fitted with brewery fittings including racking ports, sealed lids, sockets for air diffusers and proviso s for CIP equipment. Enduramaxx’s Brewing & Brewery Tanks are used as Fermentation Tanks during the second phase of beer production. They can be used for both top and bottom-fermented beers and being closed will prevent or reduce the possible contamination of the product by airborne bacteria and other organisms.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of storage tanks and silos for the food & drinks industry, we manufacture tanks and silos for foodstuff storage from polypropylene (PP) or polyethene (HDPE) – both of which are food-grade material – and have food contact and WRAS approvals.  One of the main advantages of these tanks is the cost of the tank per litre over stainless steel, as plastic tanks and cost up to a 5th of the price of a stainless-steel tank.

Customization of the tank with welded fittings and flanges over against traditional tank connections help easy cleaning with no risk of gaskets or tank connector fittings impeding drainage or harbour germs. Racking ports allow draining off beer, cider or wine while leaving the sediment in the bottom of the cone tank to be drained at the end of the process. Side access, airtight lids and vents are available up request to create storage facilities for successful projects.

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Chemical Tank Farms

One of the main uses of tanks farms and terminals is for the bulk storage of chemical either for storage before transportation to the customer or for storage on the side by the customer. This can include chemicals for industry, liquid fertilisers for agriculture as with bulk purchasing of chemical there are savings which the customers can take advantage of over against purchasing in smaller volumes or in IBC’s and drums.

As with our food safe tanks, our chemical storage tanks can be customised with fittings, tank management overfill protection from truck loading facilities, pipework for loading-unloading, provision for ultrasonic level gauges and bunds. Depending on the liquid being stored provision for vapor recovery and connection to scrubbers is available.

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Water Treatment Settlement Tanks

Another use of tank farms in the storage of wastewater and dirty water for sludge and settling. These tanks generally require manifolding at a low level and decant valves up the side of the tank for the take-off of dirty water from the tank.

Effluent Sludge Settlement Tanks are a key part of operations in a wastewater treatment plant used for storage of raw effluent, treated effluent, final effluent, raw sewage and sewage sludge and an upright tank or conical tank is used to aid decanting/cleaning to a system of multiple tanks. The aim of operating a sludge tank is to hold sludge after it has been removed from the wastewater treatment system, settle out sludge further so more water can be recovered and further digest the sludge before disposing of. Some have aeration and mixing that is delivered by mechanical and electrical means which aids digestion of the sludge that has accumulated.

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What do I need to consider when building a tank farm?

There are many aspects that need to be considered when building a tank farm including

Bunding of Tanks

Many chemicals need to be bunded and containing secondary containment to meet HSE requirements, – more details on bunded tanks are available here.

Tank Offloading Areas

With storage chemical in bulk, thought needs to be given to tanker access. As room and the layout of offloading areas, pipework for filling the tank will be required.

Pipework and Equipment

As well as tanker offloading pipework, pipework for taking the chemicals from the tanks to where they are being used will need to be considered as well as the location of pumps and pipework. Often access ladders or platforms will be required for maintenance of the system and the tanks.

The Enduramaxx Tank Farm Advantage

Enduramaxx have many years experience in manufacturing and supplying storage tanks for chemical storage, foodstuffs and drinks and wastewater tanks and working alongside a network of installers and consultants we are sure we can help not only with the supply of tanks but many other points which are required for a tank farm. For more details and to discuss further please get in touch today or contact us on 01778 562810.

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