Now Is The Time To Plan And Install Your Rainwater Harvesting System!

Rainwater is free and by harvesting this resource for our own use we not only provide ourselves with an independent water supply during drought conditions or times of regional water restrictions, but also supplement the mains supply, thus saving money. Collecting rainwater can also assist in mitigating the flooding of low-lying areas.

Harvested rainwater is suitable for many applications across all sectors, including toilet flushing, wash down/pressure washing of yards and vehicles, irrigation, dust suppression, agricultural spraying and the watering of livestock.

For this month only, buy a Rainwater Harvesting Tank with a capacity of at least 10,000 litres, together with any Rainwater Filter Kit and receive a LiquiLevel Tank Level Indicator worth £195.00 absolutely free!


The design of the LiquiLevel Tank Level Indicator is entirely mechanical with no batteries or electrical connections and consists of a counterweight, float and level indicator all controlled by a pulley system. The float and counter weight are easily fitted into the tank and the level indicator is attached to a guide wire on the outside of the tank, simply moving up and down the wire in alignment with the level of the float inside. This gives an immediate, reliable, easy to read and accurate assessment of the content level.

The product is manufactured to a high standard using a stainless steel mounting bracket and chemical resistant pulleys. It can easily be retro-fitted on site by anyone competent in DIY. The Level Indicator has a three year warranty when fitted to the tank in conjunction with the Guide Wire System.

The LiquiLevel is suitable for all Enduratank’s vertical tank range in addition to other plastic, GRP and steel tanks. Manufactured in Sweden, the LiquiLevel Tank Level Indicator provides a simple and safe solution to traditional sight and water gauges.

Remember: Think Tank – Think Enduratank!

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