PWTAG Water Treatment Guidelines, Tanks For Safe Storage of Pool Dosing Chemicals

The PWTAG Water Treatment Guidelines, the PWTAG is a UK-based independent, non-commercial membership organisation, dedicated to raising standards in pool water treatment.

The PWTAG Code of Practice provides pool operators with a structured plan for the technical operation of their pool and ensures the technical operation of a pool meets quality standards and a healthy experience for swimmers using recognised practices, engineering, and design.

The PWTAG Code of Practice can be downloaded here

The PWTAG provides swimming pool standards and guidance and runs over typical problems pool operations may face including Ph treatment, cloudy water, slimy build in the pool, treatment and quality standards and other pool issues. Water treatment is one of the main practices at a swimming pool which includes

  • Pollution and hygiene of the water and pools
  • Filtration and disinfection
  • Pool water chemistry
  • Testing, controlling in dealing with outbreaks in pool water
The PWTAG Water Treatment Guidelines & Quality Standards can be purchased online here

Dosing Tanks & Chemical Bunds

Anyone dealing with water treatment chemicals knows that these chemicals can be harmful and correct storage and bunding is required.  Dosing tank with tank bunds which are larger than the volume of the tank it is holding so they can contain the full contents of the tanks should it becomes comprised either by the tank or associated fittings or pumps on the tank. For example, a 200-litre tank is designed to stand inside the 220-litre bund tank which has a volume of 110% of the 200-litre dosing tank. Other forms of bunds are available such as dosing tank cabinets which can be designed to house the tank and associated pipework and be locked behind perplex covers if required.

Water treatment and quality in pools and spas and quality standards for pools are in addition to the pool chemicals bunding & secondary containment of chemical which is a requirement by the HSE – more details are available online here

Chemical Dosing Tanks

Enduramaxx’s range of chemical dosing tanks are available from 50 litres to 1500 litres from moulded PE or PP and specifically designed for use with the chemicals used in the swimming pool, water treatment, purification, and chemical dosing industries. Dosing pumps can be mounted on the stepped lid tanks.

Carboy and Drum Storage Bunds

These bunds for carboy storage, drum storage and chemical safe drip drays for storage of 25-litre drums are made from chemical resistant PP which has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals and are often available from stock.

Dosing Tank Cabinets

Many dosing installations require power and mounting apparatus for pumps, with the ability to make these completely bespoke, we can match the size and shape exactly to suit your project available for the popular 500 litres and 1000 litres storage tanks.

Our full range of dosing tank cabinets can be viewed here.

For more details and pricing – please get in touch today.

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