Rainwater Tank and Drinking Water Tank UK Manufacturer

Enduramaxx a leading Rainwater Tanks UK Manufacturer, designs and manufactures a range of high-quality Rainwater Tanks for the United Kingdom and European markets from our factory in Lincolnshire. Our plastic rainwater and drinking water tanks are manufactured to strict quality standards.

The virgin grade polymer material we use is UV stabilised for many years of use outside and where listed WRAS Potable drinking water approved.  Our range of rotationally one-piece moulded rainwater tanks are sized from 50 litres to 40,000 litres, and most sizes have an attractive ribbed appearance and available in a choice of colours.

Our vertical rainwater tanks are supplied with a screw-in lid, flat areas for inlet and overflow positions around the top of the tank and a low-level outlet. Other associated fittings such as rainwater filters, calmed inlets, filler valves and ball valve with quick attach cam locks for agricultural sprayers.

Our range of some water tanks is available for sizes up to 1,000 litres for putting alongside a wall or in difficult to get to access places.

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Why Plastic Water Tanks Are Used:

  1. Rainwater is stored for many reasons including irrigation for gardens, bowling greens, and livestock watering, dairy washdown, and water for agricultural sprayers.
  2. Plastic drinking water tanks are used as header tanks, water for campsites, and other applications where mains water is not available such as construction sites, events and shows.
  3. Firewater tanks, firewater storage tanks and sprinklers are a requirement for many new building and planning applications. Whether it’s a 1,000 for a domestic sprinkler system or a 45,000 litre for a farm building, we have a solution for you.
  4. By harvesting rainwater and using it for applications such as garden irrigation or pressure washing you can save on water bills.
  5. You can reduce the effects of stormwater runoff by using water tanks as a form of attenuation.

How to Choose the Right Rainwater Tank

  • Choose a water tank size for your roof

  • How to calculate your water requirements

  • What colour is best for your rainwater tank?

How to Choose the Right-Sized Rainwater Tank

Calculate your rainwater catchment area – this worked out by measuring the area in square metres of your roof. The work out the average rainfall for your area – your average rainfall in mm per year can be found here at www.metoffice.gov.uk

Our online rainwater calculator is available here

Calculate your possible rainwater harvest for a year

Formula: roof area x average rainfall

Roof area (footprint) in square metres x annual rainfall in cubic metres.

(650ml = 0.65m3), divided by 12 = average monthly rainfall capture.

e.g. 450m2 x 750ml = 337.5 (m3), divided by 12 = 28.125m3 or 28,125 litres per month average.

We recommend storing an average of two to three months’ worth of rainfall (bear in mind you may get three months’) worth in your wettest month.

Now you have a good estimate of how much rainwater your roof can catch.

How to Choose a Water Tank Colour

Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are available in a range of colours including, blue, black, dark green and grey. Consideration needs to be given to the requirements of the water as for potable drinking water these need to be black or blue as these are made from WRAS approved polymer meaning these have been tested to be taint free for drinking water storage.

How Much Rainwater Can I Save?

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