Can Enduramaxx's Sprayers and Bowsers Sanitise Your Area?

The world has been rocked by COVID-19 and our number one priority is the health and wellbeing for all involved with our company. Business around the world are affected by these unprecedented circumstances, and we want our customers to know it is still business as usual here at Enduramaxx and we are currently fully functional in these extraordinary times.

The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has seen a sudden increase in enquiries for Enduramaxx’s sprayers – the UK’s leading supplier of sprayer maintenance equipment. Contractors in the municipal and amenity sectors have realised that Enduramaxx’s sprayer’s and bowser’s, could be a suitable solution for spraying disinfectant to sanitize large public areas including streets, walkways and open-plan buildings such as airports, sports venues, shopping centres and retail parks. Now more than ever cleanliness and the killing of bacteria is paramount for reducing the spread faster but also providing your business or home with a safer and cleaner environment

Chester Gilbert, Sales & Marketing Director of Enduramaxx comments: “Our range of sprayers and bowser equipment is already the equipment of choice for our clients in the local authority, agriculture, housing association, grounds maintenance and leisure sectors. What we hadn’t appreciated, until enquiries started coming in last week, was that the same equipment has the potential to be used to help control the spread of Coronavirus. Obviously, there are experts out there who would be much better placed than us to determine the effectiveness of such a strategy, but this may prove to be another weapon in the armoury of government and local authorities as they look for ways to help reduce the spread of this virus.”

Enduramaxx’s sprayers and bowser systems are generally considered to be one of the most robust and reliable in the marketplace. Visit our website to view the range of the specific sprayers and bowsers to see the benefits it can have on your area of business or home. Handheld pump sprayers used in the South Korean city of Daegu to reduce the risk of Coronavirus which can be seen in the top picture of this blog. Enduramaxx handheld pumps are available. Check out our Dust Suppression video below to see how our bowsers operate in action.



All Enduramaxx designs are manufactured by the company at its Baston facility which is Made In Britain certified. Please contact the sales team on 01778 562810 or

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