What Is A Water Bowser? Where Are They Used?

A water bowser is a trailer fitted with a tank that can carry Water, AdBlue or Liquid Fertiliser.  In the United Kingdom, the term water bowser is used to refer to mobile water tanks for distributing freshwater in emergencies where the mains water has broken down or for moving water from site to site.

Water bowsers are generally used to provide water for drinking water for sites/welfare units, dust suppression, plant & flower watering, livestock/animal feeding and pressure washing.  Other applications such as liquid fertiliser and water transport for agriculture for sprayers to save travelling back to the farm to refill saving time and travelling costs and improving efficiencies.  Other applications for water bowsers include construction sites, event management, or councils using these for pressure washing.

How Does a Water Bowser Work?

Water bowsers are used on farms, construction sites and for events for storage and transportation of clean and wastewater.   Water bowsers are available in many different sizes from 200 litres to 30,000 litres depending on whether they are being used for static water bowsers, site towable water tanks or for highway towable bowsers.

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How is a Water Bowser Filled?

Filling a water bowser can be done through the lid on the top of the tank and fill until the tank.    For larger static bowsers which may be filled by road tanker, a fill pipe is recommended filling the tanker Bauer connections to.  some static bowsers are connected to the mains water supply, care needs to be taken to comply with the relevant mains water regulations such as fluid category 5.

How to Empty a Bowser?

Water bowsers have taps or valves at the from or back that is used to empty the water tank.  Pressure jet washers and water pumps are available to for pressure washing applications, dust suppression or faster emptying of the water bowser.    With dust suppression bowsers there is gravity and pumped option depending on the requirements through the spray bar.  Some have options that have splash plates to create a spray effect.

Types of Water Bowsers:


Static Water Bowsers

Static water bowsers are used to store clean water for site welfare blocks for uses including toilet flushing, hand washing and showering. Waste effluent tanks are also used for storage tanker of waste from welfare blocks and fitted Bauer connections and mushroom vents for tanker collection. Water for construction sites is also used for soakaway or percolation testing and concrete manufacturing. Concrete batching plants often store water in 10,000, 20,000 & 30,000-litre tanks to act as header tanks as large volumes required to keep the concrete production running smoothly. Water for vehicle wheel washing can be a vital part of containing mud contamination from the site onto the public highway, water for ballast for burying tanks underground when pouring concrete.

These are available in up to 30,000-litre tanks.

Site Tow Water Bowsers

Site Tow Water Bowsers are designed site applications for water transport, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing which do not require going on the highway. These bowsers are designed as slow tow or site tow bowsers are available with a wide range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars to suit your requirements.

Specifically designed for site use and with a galvanised frame for many years of use, these have an optional pump mounting plate which enables the fitting of different pumps and another add-on for watering of large gardens, hanging baskets, orchards, vegetable plots and more.

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Skid Water Bowsers

Skid Bowsers are designed site applications for water transport, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing. These are available with a wide range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars to suit your requirements.

Skid bowsers are available to 13,000 litres

Road / Highway Approved Bowsers

Road Tow Water Bowsers have been built to meet the highway regulations and are equipped with lights and indicators with an electrical connection like what you would find on other highway going trailers. These have an advantage over our site towable water bowsers as they can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events or festivals where clean water and/or drinking water is required.  Available in sizes up to litres.

Dust Suppression Bowsers

Dust Suppression Bowsers are available in capacities up to 10,000 litres. Mounted on a galvanised a robust chassis, these are available with several pumps and hose reel options for your application, as well as dribble bar or deflector plates providing a cost-effective on-site solution where dust is a problem. Powered by a petrol engine pump, just flick the on the switch, pull the cord, open the water valve, and start delivering a result in minutes.

View a dust suppression bowser operating below:


Plant Watering Bowsers

Plant Watering Bowsers provides an easy option for the provision of a non-potable water supply wherever it is required.  Enduramaxx’s range of watering trailers are popular with local councils and landscaping contractors and are ideal for all watering applications including flower beds, hanging baskets orchards in addition to general horticultural use.  Other applications for these units include public and private sector landscape maintenance, rinsing and wash down operations, road verge watering, Britain in Bloom, parks, ornamental gardens and recreation, local authority watering and as backup water supply tanker.

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Arena & Menage Dampeners

The Menage Dampeners can also double up as a water bowser for filling water troughs in remote horse paddocks and fields. The arena watering systems can be supplied with a watering lance to water hanging baskets, flowerpots, or garden plants. Tank capacities on these are available from 200 litres to 1200 litres with varying spray boom widths for your ATV quad bike, UTV utility vehicle, or compact tractor.

Animal Drinking Water Bowser

Animal Drinking With a trough, these 200-5000 litre water carriers have a tough mounted on a galvanised chassis to transport needed water to the livestock.  The water trailer is fitted with low ground pressure floatation tyres for use over undulating ground. The drinking cart can be towed by an average powered ATV quad bike, compact tractor, or similar vehicles

Available up to 5,000 litres.

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