Water Process In Manufacturing: Storage Tanks For Water Treatment

Water Process In Manufacturing, manufacturers are constantly looking to reduce costs, wastage through streamlining operations. Enduramaxx manufactures a range of storage tanks, mixer tanks and clarification tanks for water and wastewater treatment while working along with a number of consultant’s design solutions for manufacturing plants.
From high purity demineralised water or process water treatment for re-use and recycling to wastewater treatment for disposal or re-use, Enduramaxx wide range of plant means we can meet many of your site water and wastewater treatment requirements.



Enduramaxx understands the importance of compliance for waste discharge to sewer and works to provide custom solutions for your project.

Typical applications include Oil water separators, gravity clarifiers and dissolved air flotation plants, clarification tanks, filtration and pH adjustment tanks, dissolved air flotation and clarifiers, filtration and pH adjustment for chemical manufacturing


As water becomes more expensive, recycling water can result in significant cost savings through treatment systems for recycling and reuse. This also reduces your wastewater discharge and water usage costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Oil-water separators, clarifiers and dissolved air flotation plants for vehicle or equipment wash bays
  • Dissolved air flotation, screening, filtration, and clarifiers for factory process water recycling
  • Screening, filtration and clarifiers for construction sites and equipment hire locations
  • Oil-water separators, clarifiers and filtration plants for rain and stormwater harvesting


Industrial process – many industrial plants require clean treated water for internal operations, and we can provide solutions for storage of high purity water for processes including operations, chemical mixing and product cleaning.

Typical applications include:

  • Demineralised water plants for boiler and cooling tower make-up
  • Water softening and Ion exchange plants for boiler and cooling tower make-up
  • Demineralised water for process water
  • Ultrafiltration or media filtration for process water

Enduramaxx manufactures a range of effluent sludge tanks, vertical bulk tanks and chemical storage tanks for water treatment for use in the Water process in manufacturing.  For more details please get in touch.

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