What Is Rainwater Harvesting?

What is rainwater harvesting?  Many persons think of harvesting as installing a big water tank, a few pipes to run the water into the tank, rain and you will have all the water you need for around the farm or garden. However, this approach to collecting rainwater may not allow you to collect enough water for your requirements and if you do collect enough, the quality of the water may not be good enough for the intended purpose.

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Storing Water vs Rain Harvesting

If you take this approach to rainwater collection, you risk missing out on the quality and quantity of rainwater you want or need for use around your property. A rain harvesting approach will give you cleaner rainwater and a steady supply of it.  Rainwater Harvesting involves using proven equipment and starting with the end in mind to harvest, filter, store and distribute water fit for purpose.  A properly designed rain harvesting system has stages to prevent contamination and deliver water that’s colourless and odourless.  It will take into account rainfall in your area, your requirements and usages and store the volume of water you require for when you need it.

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The Benefits of Rain Harvesting

Rain harvesting can bring a number of benefits for you from savings as a result of lower water bills, supplying a quality supply of water when you need it, lowering your ecological footprint.  There are many reasons to consider investing in a Rain Harvesting system for your home or business.

The Uses of Rainwater

There are many uses for rainwater in domestic applications including;

  • Garden Watering – Some homes use hundreds of litres of drinkable water each year watering their garden, either through hosepipes or watering cans or through automated sprinkler systems.
  • Filling Ponds & Other Garden Features – Ponds too are far better topped up with rainwater due to its soft nature and the fact that it is free from chlorine residue.
  • Toilet Flushing – For this purpose, rainwater requires nothing more than good filtration, to remove debris and particles that might otherwise discolour the water or block valves.
  • Clothes Washing – Harvested rainwater is also excellent when used for washing clothes, particularly in hard water areas.

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