Water-Saving Solutions For A Sustainable Summer

Rippling water in a water storage container providing extra sustainability during the hot summer.

Summer 2022 was one of the hottest and driest on record on the UK, and another ‘warmer than average’ summer is expected across Europe this year. In this context, it is vital for homeowners and businesses to take proactive steps to maximise water efficiency while looking into ways that they can conserve water.

In this article, we'll explore the top water-saving solutions for a sustainable summer, from reducing water consumption in the home to harvesting rainwater as a renewable water source for businesses.Get in Touch - Find Out More

Water-Saving Solutions In The Home And Garden:

Water consumption in households is relatively high, particularly in the summer when the hot weather and activity increase the demand for water. 

  • People tend to water their gardens during the day, which leads to high levels of evaporation, meaning your plants don't absorb as much moisture. By watering your garden in the early morning or evening, the plants have enough time to absorb the water they need, and it reduces water waste from evaporation. Another eco-friendly solution is the use of drip irrigation; it's a convenient way to water plants and conserves a substantial amount of water, literally drop by drop. 

  • Showering is another daily activity that drains a lot of water, with many people taking two or more showers per day in the summer. Cutting back on shower time or turning off the hose while lathering or shaving helps conserve substantial amounts of water. 

  • Harvesting rainwater is another viable solution; it's a suitable replacement for tap water for a range of non-potable uses, which reduces household usage significantly over the summer. With the proper equipment, rainwater harvests can reduce household water usage by about 50%, which lowers monthly water bills as well as reducing environmental impact.

Water-Saving Solutions For Businesses:

Businesses require a massive amount of water to run their operations, and small operational adjustments can have a considerable impact on the overall water usage. Water conservation has become a business priority as it characterises the company as responsible and eco-friendly. In a business environment, conserving water is not only good for the environment, but it is also profitable.

  • Installing spray taps is an excellent example of a water-saving solution that reduces water flow without affecting the water pressure; this saves significant amounts of water daily. 

  • Dual-flush toilets are another great way to save water in a commercial or office environment. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, saving thousands of water litres annually, which translates into a direct reduction in utility bills.

  • Many businesses can also benefit from installing rainwater harvesting systems, supplying toilet flushes, taps, and hot water boilers. 

Encourage Water Awareness Among Your Staff:

Raising water conservation awareness among the workforce is an excellent way to reduce water consumption. The concept is simple; educating staff on everyday water-saving habits they can adopt, even when not at work, can make large cumulative changes. Encouraging team members and visitors to participate is an effective way to enhance water-saving habits and establish a culture of sustainability in the workplace that spills over into wider society.

How Practical Is Rainwater Harvesting? 

Although rainwater can be of questionable quality, especially in urban areas, the harvested water can be easily and cost-effectively treated and stored on-site for sustainability. Implementing a rainwater harvesting system does require modifications to buildings to capture and treat water for efficient use on site. However, the method resonates with environmentally conscious individuals and businesses, and modern systems are fairly cost-effective to design and install, yielding significant long-term benefits. 

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