H2O On the Go: Temporary Potable Water Solutions

H2O-On-The-GoTwo people drinking water at an event thanks to the water tanks In the world of event planning and beyond, ensuring a reliable and safe drinking water supply is paramount. From bustling festivals to remote construction sites, the demand for potable drinking water tanks is universal. In this blog, we explore the world of food grade water tanks and how they're essential in providing a temporary drinking water supply for events of all shapes and sizes, where mains water is not available or offers insufficient supply.

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Reliable Drinking Water Supply: A Cornerstone for Event Planners

Ensuring a reliable drinking water supply is paramount for event planners everywhere, spanning from music festivals in the summer heat to temporary camping events requiring toilet blocks. However, the necessity for safe, clean drinking water extends beyond events to various industries and settings, including remote film locations, construction sites, and disaster relief efforts. 

Enduramaxx tanks serve as a cornerstone solution, offering a convenient and versatile means of providing potable water. Stored within these tanks, water serves multiple purposes, from hydration stations to facilitating showers, toilet blocks, food preparation, and cleaning. The versatility of Enduramaxx tanks ensures the efficient distribution of water to meet diverse needs. For more read our blog How to keep drinking water clean and fresh.

Water tanks installed and ready to be used during the event

Durability and Safety: Built to Last

Enduramaxx polypropylene water tanks, made from WRAS approved polymer, can be filled to contain a steady supply of drinking water, guaranteeing durability and safety. The food-grade plastic used in the manufacturing process along with the smooth interior protects against bacteria growth and allows for easy cleaning, to ensure minimal risk of contamination.

Portability, Versatility and Scalability: Meeting Every Requirement

With a range of sizes available, from 50 litres to 30,000 litres, Enduramaxx tanks cater to the diverse needs of customers. Whether it's a small-scale event or a large construction project, there's a tank size to suit every requirement. Additionally, smaller bowser tanks, up to 750 litres, are complete with chassis and wheels and an optional pump plate. These smaller water bowsers are designed for easy transportation, allowing you to get water to where it's needed with minimal hassle.

For greater volumes of transportable water up to 10,000 litres can be moved in Enduramaxx transport tanks which can be mounted to your own chassis or trailer adding to their versatility, enduraing that clean water is always within reach, no matter where you are. 

Furthermore, standard potable, food grade vertical tanks can be linked in series through simple connection kits, allowing for the storage of limitless volumes of potable water. This adaptability and scalability make Enduramaxx tanks the ideal choice for any temporary drinking water situation.

Water tanks hidden behind the toilets of the event

Partner with Enduramaxx for Reliable Water Solutions Everywhere, Every Time

Enduramaxx's WRAS approved food-grade, vertical and potable transport tanks, and water bowsers are transforming the way we access clean water on the go and in temporary situations. From events and festivals to construction sites and disaster relief efforts, these versatile solutions are meeting the needs of customers across industries. With Enduramaxx, you can trust that your water supply is reliable, safe, and readily available whenever you need it.

Flexible Options: Rent Enduramaxx Tanks for Your Temporary Water Needs

Enduramaxx tanks can be obtained directly from Enduramaxx or rented from one of our many specialist hire customers. Whether you prefer to purchase for long-term use or opt for the flexibility of hiring tanks for specific events or projects, we have you covered. Simply get in touch with us to find a hire company that supplies Enduramaxx tanks in your area, ensuring you have access to reliable and safe water storage solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Water tanks hidden behind the tents of the event

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Please get in touch today to find out more about our range of potable water tanks.  Vertical, horizontal and our smaller bowsers are all frequently used throughout the summer months at outdoor events. Our tanks can be specified in colour options other thank black and blue has proved to be a popular choice for drinking water bowsers at events and festivals 

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