5 Benefits of Polypropylene Storage Tanks (PP) Over Stainless Steel Tanks

In the past, all the chemical storage tanks in the UK were made from steel. Today, we have the option of making storage tanks out of plastics like polypropylene. These tanks offer several advantages over stainless steel versions.

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Plastic is a versatile material

There’s a lot to like about plastics for industrial purposes. Plastic has a bad reputation in some circles, largely thanks to the actions of a relatively small number of big polluters. But plastic is often misunderstood. There’s a lot to like about plastic as a material for containers and poly storage tanks.

First of all, plastic doesn’t break in the way that a stainless steel tank does. Plastic tends to bend and deform rather than breaking. It is cheap to manufacture relative to steel, and they are extremely resistant to leakage, particularly with our rotationally moulded tanks as there are no seams to be put under strain, there are one complete unit.

PP tanks are also more durable than most steel tanks. While there are some stainless steel tanks on the market that don’t rust, they are the exception rather than the rule. With PP tanks, you don’t have to worry about this degradation over time.

PP Tanks are cheaper than steel tanks

Plastic is just as effective as steel in terms of its ability to contain liquids within both large and small containers. However, plastic is significantly cheaper to manufacture. It can also be produced more quickly, enabling businesses to scale up if they need to and add capacity rapidly.

Steel tanks are difficult to move

Once a steel tank is in place, you won’t have to worry about it unless it starts to degrade due to age, which should be decades from now. But getting a big stainless steel tank set up is a reasonably big operation. By comparison, plastic is much easier to work with in this regard.

Plastic is a lightweight material. Even the thickest, most robust plastic container is going to be lighter than the stainless steel equivalent.

If you do need to move the tank at some point before the end of its life, moving a plastic container is much easier. Digging a steel container out of the ground and repositioning it involves a lot of heavy machinery; it’s a genuine logistical challenge.

Ease of installation

Aside from the difficulties of manoeuvring a steel tank into position, steel has a tendency to react with materials in its surroundings. Plastic is an unreactive material in all its forms; it takes a lot to eat through plastic.

Easier maintenance

After your tank is in place and being used for active storage, it will require some degree of ongoing maintenance. For poly storage tanks, this maintenance is considerably more straightforward. In fact, you can set up a self-cleaning system for plastic tanks.

Polypropylene Storage Tanks are proving themselves to be superior to stainless steel chemical storage tanks in several ways. The five benefits above are just some of the reasons these tanks are taking the market by storm.

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