Choosing Between Steel and Plastic Water Tanks

Choosing between steel and plastic water tanks, you will find many rainwater tanks available for homes, business or farms, made from a range of materials. Some of the most common types of containers include steel and plastic water tanks. The following are the features and benefits of both types of tanks, and why you need to invest in a poly water tank.

Features of steel tanks

Steel tanks have a long service life thanks to its sturdy and durable nature; however, purchasing a steel tank can have a higher initial cost compared to a poly water tank.  A steel tank is highly corrosion-resistant, but corrosion will still occur on its joints, screws or rivets. The damage will be dependent on how the product was manufactured. A well-stitched steel tank can withstand leaks for decades; a poorly-made one, in contrast, will cause problems within a few years.

Water in some steel tanks contained harmful levels of lead, which was used to solder the steel sheets together.  If a steel tank does not have a food-grade poly lining, there is an increased risk of water being unsafe to drink.

Advantages of plastic water tanks

The biggest benefit of using plastic tanks is that they do not rust over time. Vertical water tanks can last several decades and can withstand the elements being manufactured from  UV rated hexane polyethene which provides long-term protection from harsh exposure to the sun. This means that they won’t heat as much as steel tanks.

Enduramaxx manufactures plastic water tanks through a rotomoulding process. The process utilises a mould that bonds plastic through heat and rotation and results in a product that is highly durable and long-lasting rainwater tanks.

Plastic tanks come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Homes with limited backyard space can opt for slimline water tanks, making them well-suited for space-restricted urban dwellings. Our line of slimline and small rainwater tanks are designed and manufactured to suit residential and commercial needs. Our products come with a sleek and refined style that complements any home or business.

Enduramaxx is a trusted name in providing water storage solutions, we offer industry-leading vertical water tanks and poly water tanks for homes and businesses across the UK and Europe.  Our line of water tanks can hold between 50 to 30,000 litres and larger interlinked options available.

So if your still undecided about choosing between steel and plastic water tanks – Get in touch with Enduramaxx today for pricing and availability.

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