Multiple Plastic Tanks For Water Storage: Advantages of Linking

Multiple Plastic Tanks For Water Storage in Farming – many farmers are familiar with the use and installation of water tanks for agricultural water systems and agricultural rainwater harvesting systems, and with the new tank connection systems available these can be interlinked and plastic tanks are a viable option over traditional galvanised and bladder tanks. The use of multiple plastic water tanks for larger water storage for washdown and irrigation offers many saving especially in setting up costs and flexibility to add more volume or move tanks around if required.

Large Steel / Galvanised Tank Versus Multiple Plastic Tanks

Plastic water tanks are shortly available up to 40,000 litres from Enduramaxx, with a program to consists innovate meaning larger volumes of tank storage are now a possibility reducing the footprint of the tanks on farms.  Currently, our most popular and cost-effective tank size is our 20,000 litre and 30,000 litres and while we have RSP retail pricing on our website these products are available through a range of distributors in the United Kingdom and Europe.  Multiple tank purchases would enquiries are dealt with offline through local dealers and obviously receive better deals than single tanks due to the savings on carriage we can offer.

Sectional galvanised water tanks with a liner are often less per litre of storage as an initial purchase, however once building the tank, adding the roof, the liner and a larger concrete pad for the wider footprint tank are taken into account the plastic water tanks become a lot more attractive.

Another advantage of plastic tanks if the ability to comply with water regulations easier. With water boards now being a lot of vigilant on the connection of water tanks to the mains water supplies, complying with fluid category 5 is often a necessity.

Plastic water tanks are often less costly and simpler than sections tanks, a smaller concrete tank is often needed – and ongoing maintenance is often easier and simpler and since there are no liners that need to be checked/replaced over time.

As a one-piece moulded tank, these tanks can be offloaded and put in place within a very short amount of time and often come ready to fill with water.

One big advantage of linking water tanks is risk reduction should a tank require cleaning. Flexibility is another big advantage as if further storage is required as a result of water requirements on farm changing, it can be a case of adding another tank to the tanks already there

Rainwater & Potable Water Combination Tank Options

Common combinations for multiple plastic rainwater tanks include.

  • 75,000 litres:
    • 4x 25,000 litre tanks
  • 90,000 litres:
    • 3x 30,000 litre tanks
  • 100,000 litres.
    • 4x 25,000 litre tanks
  • 120,000 litres.
    • 4x 30,000-litre tanks

For more detail and pricing on these multiple plastic tanks for water storage, rainwater filters and mains water compliant fittings please get in touch today.

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