Why You Should Buy Plastic Water Tanks? Cost, Range and Easy Installation

Why you should buy plastic water tanks – rainwater tanks have been used for many years for storage of the world’s most precious resource – water. With processes is plastics and polymer and UV stabilisation making these suitable for outside use, applications for these tanks for domestic, commercial, and agricultural applications are now popular.

Traditional steel rainwater tank has been popular for larger properties, golf courses, irrigation, and water storage applications, they are not always suitable for smaller domestic properties. With many new build properties requiring water storage tanks as an environmental consideration and with many new houses being fitted with fire sprinkler systems, plastic tanks have seen a surge in popularity. These rotationally moulded, lightweight plastic water tanks made from food-grade polyethene are long-lasting, structurally strong, and easy to install. Let us look at some of the reasons you should consider buying a plastic rainwater tank for your property.

Ease of installation

Traditional tank options like concrete and steel are heavy and generally require machinery such as a crane to help install them, plastic water tanks are lightweight and can often be moved into position by hand.  This advantage saves on installation costs and means that they can be easily moved and cleaned.

Less surface area preparation

Plastic tanks require a concrete pad which is flat in both directions which can generally be a lot less work than what would be required for a steel or concrete tank. This can save a lot of expensive landscaping and installation costs.

Large choice of sizes available

Plastic water tanks available in a large choice of sizes, and colours to suit your project. These rotationally moulded tanks are available as slimline water rectangular tanks, cylindrical tanks, and horizontal tanks in over 40 sizes up to 30000 litres. Slimline tanks are a great option for along the side of walls, fences or behind a shed or garage.

Slimline Water Tanks – these are available in sizes from 400 litres & 1000 litres

Small Vertical Water Tanks – these are available from 300 litres to 4,500 litres – with popular 1,250 litres, 2,000 litres and 3,000-litre sizes

Medium Vertical Water Tanks: these are available from 5,000 Litres to 10,000 litres – with popular 6,000 Litres and 7,500 Litre sizes

Large  Vertical Water Tanks – these are available from 12,000 litres to 30,000 litres – with popular 15,000 litres, 20,000 litres and 25,000 litres.

Horizontal Water Tanks – these are available from 500 litres to 5000 litres with our popular 1,500 litre, 2,000 litre and 3,000-litre sizes

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No rust

Polyethene is complete rust-resistant and stands up well to the weather and UV exposure as the polymer is UV resistant.

Safe plastic for drinking water

Polyethene tanks are suitable for potable drinking water.  Enduramaxx manufacturers water tanks from WRAS approved polymer in black, blue, and natural which means that its food-grade, non-taint and contains no harmful chemicals. Water quality is always better in rainwater tanks with a rainwater filter – more detail on these here

Strong and durable

Plastic water tanks can last for up to 20 years, or even longer if kept in optimal conditions as the rotational moulding process of manufacturing a polyethene tank bonds the polymer striction for many years of use.  These tanks are one-piece moulded tanks so there are no seam or welds to be potential weaknesses which is one of the main advantages over metal tanks which can be welded or bolted together with seams, joints and weld lines that can weaken over time.


Polyethene is a recyclable plastic so can be easily recycled. The manufacturing process for polyethene is much cleaner than other plastics producing minimal amounts of waste.

Why choose a plastic water tank?

Colour, cost, ease of installation and water quality are all key benefits of why you should buy plastic water tanks. If you need more help in deciding the tank for your garden or installation, please get in touch.

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