6 Tips For Batch Size Selection For Mixers: How To Size Your Mixer

6 Tips For Batch Size Selection For Mixers – Batch size selection is an important factor of sizing a mixing tank and suitable mixer. Sevral considerations must be looked at in addition to typical in-plant constraints.

Annual and Daily Output Planning

The first planning consideration is to start with monthly and annual projected outputs for ascertaining the ideal batch size.  With products with seasonal demand, you may need to plan for the higher monthly output required for busier months.

With a monthly capacity determined, it is then a case of planning the number of shifts per day and per week.  At this point, you will need to determine typical batch cycle times for mixing and there will be other factors that affect batch cycle times and total cycle production times.

6 Tips For Batch Size Selection For Mixers

Determining a daily output will require determining the following constraints.

  1. How are the raw materials supplied and loaded into the mixer?  Sometimes supply line automation is required to load the mixer.  Manual filling time and discharge time can protract the total cycle time.
  2. Will automatically load cells be required for filling.  These will automatically cut off feed to the mixer when a certain weight has been reached.
  3. Will discharge automation be required to empty the mixer at the end of the cycle to avoid protracted discharge times?
  4. Location of the packaging of the mixed material, will they be far enough away to enable ongoing mixing operations?
  5. What hygienic design requirements will be required?

On smaller plants the handling of the bulk materials needs much consideration as the lack of larger machinery, automated processes and space for operations can lead to major constraints to and from the mixer.

Final Batch Size Selection

When the workable and practical batch size is determined and checked against projected daily output, this may necessitate the installation of more than one mixer or a re-design of the plant.  Often a trade-off between capital equipment costs and manpower availability and costs may of course also necessitate re-planning.

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Enduramaxx will work closely with you on planning batch size decisions to optimum mixer design. The final batch size is a key parameter of the overall objective for your mixing operation but should be balanced with capital, manpower and most importantly costs.  Future expansion will be dictated by good layout planning, where factory building space enables such considerations

For more information on batch size selection and mixer, vessels are available by getting in touch today to run over your next mixer tank project.

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