Tips on Tanks and Mixer Selection

Why you should consider saving money with mixer tanks from Enduramaxx?

  1. Processes, mixers, platforms and tanks should be designed as one system from the very start!

Too often people purchase a storage tank and then try to fit a suitable mixer. This can be a very expensive problem if the related mixer dimensions do not tie up or cannot with the tank. Examples of this can include steep conical tanks resulting in problem lifting the product.

  1. Types of materials to use with different chemicals are an important tank design consideration.

At Enduramaxx we assess all the process parameters and our in-house chemical and mechanical engineers can make the right material selection for your tank. We have arranged of flat base and shallow cone tanks for mixing and complete drain capacities as well as internal baffling and pipework options.

  1. Enduramaxx works with professional mixer manufacturers to optimize designs of the mixer tanks, the fittings and the piping and the platform into one complete integrated system.

Let us save you money with the correct design approach from the start. Let us discuss various options to balance your needs and ensure the right package as mixer designs are much more complex than assumed and a careful appraisal of the process and all liquids properties are essential to get the right mixing results.

  1. Tank lids, tank vents, loading and unloading systems. Enduramaxx can help match your key processing needs with fittings, pipework and tank hatches for loading and emptying cone tanks. Avoid later added costly adjustments when these important design considerations considered from the start.

Enduramaxx Mixer Vessels

Enduramaxx provides several tank designs services for clients depending on the mixing requirements.

Where should you start the tank selection process?

  1. The process conditions of products to be reacted, or mixed, are the starting point of any tank design. Typically, two or more raw materials are involved in any mixing process and each process has unique requirements and characteristics.
  2. Once the chemicals (i.e. raw materials) are identified and key properties listed including specific gravity or bulk density, viscosity, the temperature at the start of the process, and any other appropriate properties of importance. Powder raw materials should show the prime particle sizes if there is a temperature rise during the processing, or if heating is required to process more viscous products, are a few of the properties that should be considered.
  3. With the chemicals identified we can assess what tank materials can be considered. Chemical compatibility tables show the chemical concentrations (such as 10% or 50% in water or other carrier solvent and typically 2 to 4 different concentrations), temperature conditions and the various wall materials of tanks under consideration. Often plastic tanks will be suitable for a chemical but will be rejected as a tank material option on the grounds of temperature conditions being too high for that plastic material.
  4. At this stage, we recommend a design review session with Enduramaxx industrial mixer division to ensure that the proper style of mixer, mounting and vessel.

Enduramaxx’s industrial mixer vessels are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethene which is long-lasting, chemical resistant, and in many instances food safe for storage products.  A wide range of mixers is available to suit your project combining a variety of paddles with high shear and blending in a diverse range of applications.  More tips on tanks and mixer selection area available by getting in touch today to run over your mixer tank project.

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