Importance Of Impeller Selection

The impeller is the component of a mixer that does the actual mixing and produces results. When it rotates, it creates fluid flow and shear patterns within the liquid.  While there are many types of impellers, there are 3 main types we use when engineering mixers. These flow patterns are the primary considerations when designing a mixer because creating the right flow pattern is critical to achieving the desired result.

The Main Impeller Types

1. Hydrofoil, is generally the most efficient because it produces the maximum pumping with the lowest shear.

2. Pitch Blade, these are Ideal for viscous mixtures and applications requiring a combination of pumping and shearing.

3. Radial Blade, these are designed for applications where shear is the primary requirement, or where agitation close to the bottom of the tank is desired.

Summary Of Impeller Types

So as a summary, the Importance of impeller selection will depend on the mixer and the process and the chemicals you are intending to mix in that process. For more details on how Enduramaxx have help with your mixing process and the range of mixing tanks we manufacture please get in touch.

Enduramaxx Mixer Tanks

Enduramaxx’s industrial mixer vessels are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethene which is long-lasting, chemical resistant, and in many instances food safe for storage products. A wide range of mixers is available to suit your project combining a variety of paddles with high shear and blending in a diverse range of applications. Industrial mixer & agitators are an essential part of industrial process engineering – from the smallest plant room in which chemical dosing tanks are used to water treatment plants with the 30,000-litre tanks with a side or top mounted mixers.

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