Why Mixer Baffles Improve Your Mixing Process, Benefits Of Baffles

Mixer baffles in a tank is to reduce the swirling in the bulk fluid and promote circulation between the top and bottom of the tank ensuring the full liquid volumes passes through the high turbulence area of the impeller.  This, in turn, stabilises and minimize variation in the agitator power draw, however, one common issue that arises in mixing is an undesirable flow pattern.

What are baffles in a mixer tank?

Baffles are flat plates that are attached to the sides of a mixing tank spanning the height of the tank from top to bottom and sometimes the base of the tank if its a cone tank.  Baffles are required for larger process tanks, in smaller tanks, this can same offsetting a mixer to provide the desired flow pattern.  Baffles still provide disruption to the mixing vortex as offsetting has diminishing effects as the tank grows in diameter.


How do baffles in a mixer tank work?

Baffles work by disrupting the flow pattern and providing top to bottom flow within the tank. When mixing solid suspensions in a large cylindrical tank, without baffles you will normally end up with a swirling flow pattern within the tank.  This is undesirable as solid particles will tend to collect at the bottom of the tank rather than being thoroughly mixed into the solution.  Ensuring a top to bottom flow is achieved within the tank in addition to swirling flow can be achieved by having baffles.

When would I need baffles in a mixing tank?

Baffles are most often installed in large, cylindrical tanks that are mixing solid suspensions as using an offset mounted mixer will generate unbalanced loads that put pressure on the mixer shaft which will require a heavier-duty agitator gearbox to handle this.  Baffles do not generate as much of an unbalanced load as offset mounting allowing the flow pattern in the tank to be disrupted without having to install larger, more expensive components including mixers.  If you are unsure whether baffles are an appropriate solution for your mixing operation, please feel free to contact us.

How do I clean the baffles in the tank?

A common concern with baffles is keeping them clean. A Clean in Place (CIP) system is common in the food and beverage, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries where manual cleaning is too time-consuming and costly. Another alternative to help speed this process up is to install side access for entry into the tank.

Mixer baffles and power usage

By increasing the torque output of the impeller, baffles will also increase the power usage of your mixer.  In a case where the swirling flow is the only flow pattern being achieved, increasing the power usage of your mixer is desirable.  An impeller producing only swirling flow with little resistance may not be using much power, but it is also doing very little mixing. Increasing the resistance on the impeller and achieving top to bottom flow, baffles can drastically improve the effectiveness of your mixing.

For many mixing applications, baffles are one of the most beneficial additions you can equip your mixer with. These relatively affordable components allow you to improve the flow pattern in your mixer tank without putting much more strain on the impeller shaft.

At Enduramaxx we offer a wide range of high-quality baffles in which can be fitted in the vertical and conical tanks to meet your application. These baffles are built to last and function over the course of their life cycle.  For more details on Why mixer baffles improve your mixing process please get in touch.

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