A Storage System To Meet the Challenges of Polymers

A Storage System To Meet the Challenges of Polymers – Polymers are important chemicals used in wastewater treatment plants and facilitate the flocculation or coagulation of solids in the wastewater to produce large flocs of solid materials. Polymers also aid in dewatering of digester cake by reducing the water content and making it easier and less expensive to transport waste materials to the landfill.  Polymer storage tanks s are highly viscous agents, which present unique storage challenges requiring the right storage solution for adequate safety and cost-effectiveness.

Polymer Storage Challenges

Polymers have a high molecular weight and the heavy chemical creates internal pressure and hoop stress and can cause damage to a storage tank’s wall if your chemical storage tank isn’t properly designed for polymers.   Polymers can also be a stress cracking agent as well manufactured at elevated temperatures so may be delivered to your facility before they have cooled. 

Polymer Storage Tank Tips

Polymers present unique challenges, it’s crucial to design a storage system that will perform reliably for years. Be sure your storage solution meets the following standards.

  1. High-density polyethene offers superior strength at a long-term cost advantage for storing polymers. 
  2. To reduce the potential for leaks and spills, it’s important not to penetrate the sidewall of the tank. Enduramaxx’s cone tank ensures a complete drain of the contents of the tank.  There are no sidewall fittings to introduce the additional potential for leaks. 
  3. Open top tanks are available in a variety of sizes. Tanks can be highly customized to accommodate a mixer in your operation.
  4. As opposed to steel or fibreglass, Enduramaxx’s polyethene tanks offer a cost-effective, durable, high-strength storage solution that resists corrosion.

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Polymer Storage Tanks

if you require a storage system to meet the challenges of polymers -we can help engineer the right solution for you.  Polymer chemicals present unique challenges that require specialized storage solutions so be certain that your storage system is properly designed and built to meet these challenges.

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