What Are The Advantages Of Cone Bottom Tank?

The Advantages of Cone Bottom Tank are found in nearly every industry, especially where getting every last drop from the tank is important. The conical tanks make it easier to clean and maintain your chemical storage system in the following ways as full-drain tanks help eliminate cross-contamination of the new batch of chemicals, easier and safer tank cleaning as a full-drain system and reducing the settling of the chemicals.

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When certain chemicals are stored over time, sediments fall out of the chemical and collect at the bottom of the tank.

Why are conical cone bottom tanks are used?

This type of tank has excellent geometry for draining, especially with high solids content slurries as these cone tanks provide a better full-drain solution.   The conical tank eliminates many of the problems that flat base tanks have as the base of the tank is sloped towards the centre giving you the greatest possible full-drain system in vertical tank design.

Cone-bottom tanks are used in process applications where 100% drainage of the tank is required and applications would include the storage of liquids that may contain materials prone to sludging, which are difficult to drain out of vertical tanks.

The slope of the Cone-Bottom Tank

The slope of the cone tank impacts the efficiency at which stored liquids can exit the tank and the materials stored will dictate the slope of the tank  Heavy liquids and sludge require a steeper tank slope design to facilitate ease of draining – generally a 30, 45, or 60-degree cone.  Tanks For Sludge and Effluent Storage details are available here

Endurmaxx manufactures a  variety of cone tanks from 250 litres to 30,000 litres which the technical specification of these tanks is available here.

If your next project needs a full-drain tank – make sure you get a full-drain cone tank. For more details on how we can customise your cone tank to meet your requirements please get in touch with us today.

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