How To Start A Microbrewery: Enduramaxx Water Storage Tanks And Cone Bottom Tanks Are A Start!

As we’ve previously mentioned, craft brewing is increasing in popularity in ‘leaps and bounds' as of late. Because so many people are starting their own microbreweries, Startups, the country’s no.1 service for starting a business, has published guides to doing just that! Defined as an independent brewery that produces a small amount of beer, microbreweries produce original, distinct beverages that tend to be characterised by their stronger focus on flavour.

‘Startups’ features guides to creating microbrewery business plans, microbrewery rules and regulations, start-up costs, microbrewery overheads, microbrewery tips and useful contacts and more.

Enduramaxx, not only provides organisations of all sizes and across multiple industries with an array of WRAS-approved water storage tanks, but also with a key tool required to separate impurities and particles during the brewing process, and that’s our cone bottom tanks. Made from a single piece of rotationally moulded, UV-stabilised polyethylene, our conical tanks use a cone to allow the settlement of impurities such as yeast. Throughout the brewing, process particles sink to the bottom of the conical design and can then be drained off when required.

After the brewing process, beer, ale, cider and wines can all be transferred to large vertical storage tanks. Again, made to the same high standards as our cone bottom tanks, our plastic water tanks will protect your beverages from spillage and the elements, storing them at an optimum condition until the time comes for them to make their way to stores, public houses and similar.

More information on Cone Bottom Tanks ideal for microbrewery applications here!

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