How Enduramaxx Is Helping Microbreweries To Pull The Perfect Pint

With close to 1000 microbreweries opening throughout the UK since the start of the century, the trend of smaller, independent brewers producing their own better tasting, better value beers does not look set to slow. At the heart of any brewery lies good equipment and Enduramaxx manufactures a range of cone bottom tanks and WRAS-approved plastic water tanks ideal for brewing operations.

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are conical tanks made from a single, rotationally moulded piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene. Therefore, the contents are kept secure from spillage and protected from the elements, being stored at optimum conditions. With cones available in a variety of degrees, impurities and sediments drain to the bottom of the conical design where they can be drained off. Available either with or without frames and in sizes ranging from 250 litres to an enormous 17,000 litres, there’s an Enduramaxx cone bottom tank available for all sizes of brewery, be it a small home set-up or a larger independent microbrewery.  More on conical tanks for microbreweries here!

In addition to conical tanks, Enduramaxx also provides the food and drink industry with WRAS-approved potable water tanks, so storing water fit for human consumption is no problem at all. Made to the same high standards as Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks, contents are safely stored.

Whether you are brewing beer, making wine or cider, Enduramaxx has the storage tanks required to make the perfect brew. For more information, get in touch now!

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