Storage Tanks for Chemicals, Preparation, Dosing & Containerised Systems

Plastic storage tanks for chemical storage, preparation, dosing & containerised systems are widely used in the water treatment industry. These chemical tanks are manufacture from rotationally module MDPE polyethene or PP polypropylene which is used for aggressive acids and oxidizers. 

Depending on the chemical and temperature at which the liquid is being stored, polyethene and polypropylene storage tanks are inherently inert to what many consider extremely corrosive solutions. From highly acidic to highly alkaline liquid, Polyethylene tanks and Polypropylene are resistant at both ends of the spectrum. Chemical storage tanks for bulk storage of chemical, dosing tanks for dosing systems & tanks for preparation of liquids for water treatment.

Chemical products storage and preparation

  • Powder storage silos (lime, polymers, powders)
  • Polymer preparation tanks (powder& liquids)
  • Storage tanks with double containment bunds
  • Mixer tanks
  • Dosing tanks and bunds for water treatment systems

We work with water treatment specifiers, installers, and water treatment plant operators to create storage, dosing, preparation systems for chemicals. Ensuring maximum protection for operators in compliance with safety regulations for work environments is a top priority.

Our chemical tanks are suitable for many chemicals and agents for water treatment and purification including:
  • Chemical storage tanks and cabinets for chemical dosing systems
  • Dosing systems
  • Automatic preparation units with electric mixers
  • Manual preparation units with agitators
  • Mixing systems
  • Fabricated bunds for tanks, pumps, and equipment
Typical water treatment chemical and agent applications include:
  • flocculants (powder and liquid)
  • coagulants
  • bactericides and defoamers
  • hydrated lime for purification
  • anti-scalding chemicals for cooling towers
  • ion exchange resins

Storage Tanks for skid treatment plants & containerized systems

Enduramaxx tanks are used widely in containerised and on slid plants. Skid mounted water treatment systems are preferred in many applications as they can be pre-assembled and tested before installation.

Containerised water treatment systems

Containerised water treatment plants are sea shipping containers that have equipment preinstalled.  The main benefit of these wastewater treatment plants is they are an effective way to build and transport complete wastewater treatment systems. As they are prebuilt, testing and coming can be done prior to shipping and can be reused and transported to new locations if required.

Mobile water treatment systems can help quickly with meeting changes in demand and efficiently with batch production. Emergency water requirements, seasonal / peak water demand and temporary changes in water quality requirement are areas where a temporary

Being mobile can provide continuity and minimise unplanned maintenance downtime, prevention interference to supply during start-up and commissioning. These systems can be quickly tailored to specific needs, save time and money on plant and repairs, and reduce the outlay of capital investment.

These can be supplied to the site as a plug and play unit with the ability for piping and fittings connected with cables and wires connected to instrumentation and control cabinet.

Mobile water treatment systems are used for the following applications;
    • Multimedia pre-treatment systems, softeners & iron removal
    • Ion exchange systems
    • Brackish water for reverse osmosis plants
    • Pilot plant testing systems
    • Condensate recovery and polishing systems
    • RO systems
    • Deionisation systems
    • Mobile plants & pilot plants

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Tanks for Chemicals, Preparation, Dosing & Containerised Systems

Enduramaxx manufactures an extensive range of plastic chemical tanks from rotationally moulded polyethene. Included in our range of plastic storage tanks are;

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