Ferric Chloride Storage Solutions for Containerised Systems

Ferric Chloride Storage Solutions for Containerised Systems, water purification and water treatment systems can be built into modified ISO shipping containers and are increasingly popular for customers who require tremor, does not have a dedicated plant room, or is limited for space. Complete water treatment packages can be manufactured, installed, commissioned, and can be quickly set up for emergency water treatment requirements.

Ferric Chloride Storage Tanks

Smaller chemical storage tanks are popular for Ferric Chloride Storage, Polymers Dosing Tanks as we as small clarification and 3 stage tanks for water treatment solutions for containerised systems. Other small tanks including chemical tanks and bund tanks which can be manufactured in individual colours to designate different chemicals been stored in the tanks.

Ferric Chloride Uses in Water Treatment

Ferric chloride is probably the most concentrated forms of iron available for drinking water treatment, as a reactant to remove impurities from the water, also acting as a coagulant and flocculent.

  • It is extremely effective in removing high and low turbidity
  • Removes colour and discolouration
  • It is available at low cost
  • Creates a heavier flock that settles faster and works better in cold water as well as producing higher sludge concentrations.

Bunded Ferric Chloride Tanks

Enduramaxx manufactures bunded tanks or double-wall chemical storage with secondary containment offer the same internal storage capacity as well as offering bund to contain the liquid within the tank should it become compromised. These bunds are available rectangular open top bunds or enclosed tanks which are a tank within a tank which are all requirements of the HSE for secondary containment.

Customisation & Equipment Mounting For Ferric Chloride Tanks

These Ferric storage chemical tanks are available with customised fittings ad pipework to suit your project. These include BSP inlets and outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges and welded sockets and ultrasonic level control equipment. Fill pipes and bolt down feet are available to make filling and mounting the tank simple to do.

For more details on Ferric Chloride Storage Solutions for Containerised Systems and associated equipment, please get in touch.

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