Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks: Acids & Chemicals

Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks are double skinned tanks sometimes referred to as self-bunded, or as a double confined chemical storage tank. This is where the chemical tank is manufactured with a second outer covering around the primary internal tank. These bunded tanks are used for storage of other liquid including foodstuff, leachate, wastewater, effluent and where the contents could harm the environment or due to the value of the contents being stored.

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In the event of the primary internal tank becoming compromised or failing – the external second tank or bund tank provides a containment bund ensuring that what is stored do not leak and is designed to satisfy health & safety legislation.

More details on HSE requirements for bunded of harmful chemicals is available here.

Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Bunded chemical storage tanks are available in a range of sizes from 50 litres to 30,000 litres with an option of an open bund or enclosed or skirt bunded. These bunded tanks can be customised with fittings, pipework, level gauges, mushroom vents, and bolt down feet to secure the tank and make these suitable to for your project.

Closed Bunded Or Skirt Bunded Tanks

Closed Bunded Or Skirt Bunded Tanks are generally used where the tank is sorted outside and open to the rain. Rain could fill the tank bund and reduce its capacity for capturing the contents of the inner tank. Our full range of customization of Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks  is available here

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Open Bunded Tanks

Open bunded tanks are generally used on installations and are generally easier to assemble. These open bunded tanks are not generally used with fuming chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.

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Bunded Dosing Tanks

Chemical Bunds for Dosing Tanks and each of our Bund tanks is designed to work with one of our dosing tanks. For example – the 172701-dosing tank has a 100 Litre capacity and is designed to stand inside the 172701-bund. The 172701-Bund has a volume of 110% of the 172701-dosing tank capacity, that is 110 Litres.

The bund tanks are oversized is so that they can contain the full contents of the tank should it become comprised as well as allow for easy emptying of the bund. If the dosing tank has any equipment mounted at its base – such as a flooded suction kit, inlets/outlets, or other equipment then we recommend looking at the larger to accommodate the equipment

Bunding of Drums and Carboys

Some drums and carboys require bunds and range of bunds and drip trays are available for these here.

Enduramaxx Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Simply put Self-Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks are a tank within a tank – to discuss your requirements please get in touch today.

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