Enduramaxx Process Tanks, Meeting Your Needs: Conical, Acid, Water

Enduramaxx Process Tanks, we design and manufacture polypropylene & polyethene tanks for aggressive chemicals, chemical, food and water treatment mixing tanks and water process storage tanks.

We build products that fulfil your exact needs

Enduramaxx is not only a plastic tank moulder, but we are also plastic fabricators & welders in thermoplastic bespoke tanks circular and rectangular, metal fabricators for frames for conical and horizontal tanks tank, as well as having in house teams for plastic fusion socket fusion and welding for bespoke fabricated drip trays, dosing cabinets, pipework, and flanges.

Process Tanks for Industry & Manufacturing

Over many years we have developed a range of vertical tanks, conical tanks, mixer tanks and bespoke fabricated tanks up to 30,000 litres – some of the Industries we supply include

  • chemical
  • biodiesel
  • clean water
  • food industry
  • engineering
  • pharmaceutical
  • wastewater
  • environmental / remediation – to name a few

Water Process Tanks

Our Industrial Water Tanks are available from 50 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for liquids of specific gravities of 1.5 SG – 2 SG can be stored as well as being customised with fittings and flanges.  These plastic water tanks are rotationally moulded and available in PE and PP for storage of different chemicals and UV stabilised for many years of outside use. The smooth interior to help resist the growth of algae and bacteria and are easy to clean.

Plastic storage tanks for acids, chemicals and process water

Plastic storage tanks for acids, chemicals and process water

Examples of process water systems include

  • Pharmaceutical & cosmetics industries
  • Food & beverage industries for purification for water for the production of food and drink
  • Contaminant removal systems for the wastewater produced.
  • Chemical industries for cooling tower systems, makeup water and blowdown treatment systems
  • Automotive industry where significant demand for process water for production and cleaning.

Conical Cone & Mixer Tanks

Conical tanks and mixer vessels play a crucial role in material supply and product holding. In many instances, the temperature, pressure, and equalisation of the substances contained within this vessel are vital for material durability, hygiene, safety, and quality. Agitators are often applied to assist these processes. Bulk storage tanks are adopted by a range of industries, including chemical, petrochemical refining to pharmaceutical products.

Enduramaxx Dished Based Solids Settling Tanks

Enduramaxx Dished Based Solids Settling Tanks

Not all process tanks are round

Our rectangular plastic tanks are adapted specifically to the specific requirements for indoor and outdoor installations and manufactured from polyethene or polypropylene determined by the medium and the temperature of the liquids being stored.  Enduramaxx manufactures a range of Bespoke Process Tanks which are available from 150 litres to 40,000 litres. These tanks are generally fitted with a bottom drain 1-2” BSP male thread as standard and are possible to have larger connections fitted to the tank.

  • BSP fittings up to 4″
  • Welded flanges up to 12“
  • Overflow and welded pipework
  • Industrial mixers
  • Liquid level sensor assemblies
  • Fill pipes
  • Inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges
  • Welded sockets
  • Fume proof lids and vents

Why Enduramaxx for your next process tank?

Today, Enduramaxx occupies a large 3,500 square metre manufacturing plant on a 4-acre site at Baston, Lincolnshire.  We would generally have over 700 storage tanks in stock, ranging from 50 litres dosing tanks to 30,000 litres bulk storage tanks, which are available for the quick delivery to the beverage, food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil sectors.   As well as a few industrial mixers for key applications and we able to supply metal support frames for the conical process tanks and tank stands from our state-of-the-art fabrication shop.

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