Bespoke Access Ladders for Tanks

Bespoke access ladders for tanks,  Enduramaxx were recently asked to design an access platform for clean water storage for a food factory in Devon.  These tanks were fitted with fluid category 5 turrets and customer-specified fittings including welded flanges linking the tanks and BSP sockets instrumentation.

Accessing tall tanks safely can be a challenge with current health and safety requirements and so the custom fabricated access ladder and platform meant safe access for maintenance.  We were able to provide a 3D render ‘concept design render’ for the client to view what it would look like and check that it would enable them to access instrumentation.

See more on our access and ladders here

Enduramaxx can provide CAD drawings for any project incorporating Enduramaxx tanks. Customising chemical & process water Tanks to suit almost any application is at the core of what we do at Enduramaxx with over 42 sizes of vertical chemical tanks available with a similar number of 100% full drain cone tanks. The types of the plant we can provide storage tanks for include dosing, settlement and clarification systems, dewatering systems, and tank farms. With the flexibility of cad design, we can provide a solution to meet the client’s requirements and expectations.

What IS fluid category 5 – more details here

Fluid category 5 AB airgaps are now a requirement on most water tanks and systems that traditionally would have been connected directly to the mains water supply network.   At Enduramaxx, we have developed an AB air gap turret for connecting to new and existing water tanks.

Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx storage tanks are manufactured to hold chemicals and liquids with a specific gravity of up to 2 SG, these plastic chemical tanks are engineered and constructed in one piece, with no joints or seams.  Working from a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we can produce a chemical tank solution that will specifically suit the nature of the product.

More details on our chemical and process tanks here 

Need a design for bespoke access ladders for tanks or a 3D render of your tank next project? Please get in touch!

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