Iron Removal from Mine Water using Conical Tanks

Enduramaxx Iron Removal from Mine Water using Conical Tanks

Iron Removal from Mine Water using Conical Tanks

Open top conical tanks used for treating mine water.  Rotationally moulded conical tanks, customised with internal pipework, the internal grid for media and galvanised frame and access.


  • Mine water treatment containing high level so iron requiring settlement and additional feature for storing plastic media.
  • Provide access and framework for storage tanks as well as overflow pipework from tank to tank.


  • 6 x 6m3 open-top conical tanks manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethene.
  • 1 x Galvanized Support Frame including access to the top of the tank.
  • Internal pipework to weir over to the next tank
  • Fabricated plastic grid for plastic media containment in the cone.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased effectively of iron removal from water using plastic media using conical tanks.
  • Ability to remove sludge from a low-level drain.
  • Reducing the treatment of water with iron content

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What is coal mine water?

Treatment of mine water is an ongoing challenge.  With many mines around the country is that when a coal mine closes, the pumps that were used to keep the water out of the mine while the mineral was extracted are switched off and removed.   The water level recovers within the mine and picks up naturally occurring minerals from the rocks, such as iron which can coat riverbeds, stopping plant growth and affecting wildlife.

How is coal mine water treated?

Mine water is brought to the top of the first conical tanks and the water through the tank and the media which mixing with air is encouraged.  The contact of the air with the iron which is dissolved in the water to become solid and sinks to the bottom of the tank as sludge.  The rate at which the water flows through the tanks gives the iron time to settle which can be later removed as a sludge.

Enduramaxx Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx were able to provide a tank solution for Iron Removal from Mine Water using Conical Tanks, from 50-litre dosing tanks to 30,000-litre sludge tanks, we are sure we can help with your next project.  For more details on these please get in touch today.

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